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New Connections LLC To Offer Satellite Internet To 95% Of The United States Including Rural Areas


New Connections LLC Expands Coverage
Satellite Internet Now Available For 95% Of USA

SPOKANE, Wahsington New Connections LLC today announced new coverage areas, Satellite Internet, for almost all areas of the USA. The company is offering high-speed internet to rural areas as well as cities as it has partnered with some of the largest providers in the nation. Many consumers in rural areas found it difficult to access traditional broadband due to their location. No longer will consumers have to settle for low-quality internet or none at all.

With over 19 Million Americans not having no access to quality internet, this is going to come as a relief for many. Since the pandemic, more work has been designated online and schooling has become more of a hybrid of in-school and online. For 6% of US citizens who did not have access to internet this showed just how important it is to be able to offer affordable connections without sacrificing quality. New Connections LLC is the answer to many of the problems that rural customers have faced.

“Our goal is to bring high-quality internet service to every corner of the country,” says Richard Castro, President of New Connections LLC. “We think everyone should have access to dependable Satellite Internet no matter which state, county, or city they reside in .”

Features and benefits of Satellite Internet include.

⦁ Fast Connections
⦁ Reliable Internet
⦁ Unlimited Data Plans

Satellite Internet Service for 95% of the United States will be available starting June 1st, 2022. For more information on Satellite Internet visit

About New Connections LLC: New Connections is a telecommunications company based out of Spokane, Washington specializing in Satellite internet and television services.

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