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Shib Army Oped: ShibCoOp Unveils CoOp Founders NFT Collection, Building on the Success of Colonel Coup



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(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

In a thrilling continuation of their NFT ventures, ShibCoOp announces the release of the ‘CoOp Founders’ NFT Collection, a follow up from the unprecedented success of the ‘Colonel Coup’ Collaborative Collection which was the first collection ever created on the #Shibarium chain that accepted our beloved Shib tokens for minting bringing 197 Million Shib onto the L2 chain.


With a track record of innovation and community engagement, ShibCoOp continues to grow and develop products centered around the Shib Community with true WeNotMe spirit. The Founders Collection will begin mint on Wednesday, Feb 14th!!!

The Mint Process

Launching In 3 Phases: (On Shibarium)


Phase 1:
3333 NFTs available to mint on 2/14/24

Reveal on 2/21/24 or on mint out.

Phase 2: 3,333 NFTs available (date TBA based on phase 1 mint out)

Reveal 1 week later
Phase 3: 3,333 NFTs available (date TBA based on phase 2 mint out)

Reveal 1 week later

Unique Traits and Rarity:
The ‘CoOp Founders’ NFT Collection features 10,000 generative and digitally-enhanced Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs, each boasting unique traits and rarities. A combination of males, females, humanoids (and yes a few chickens) displays a high level of artwork symbolic of the CoOp’s continuous commitment to quality.

CoOp Founders’ Collection Roadmap

Mint Price:

1 million SHIB or 16 BONE.

Whitelist Eligibility: 

Holders of at least 2 Colonel Coup NFTs in their wallet gain eligibility for the whitelist, opening avenues for a more personalized and privileged experience. Other whitelist opportunities may pop up prior to launch such as contests, pre-sale giveaways, etc.

Utility for NFT Holders:

Beyond ownership, NFT holders will enjoy a myriad of benefits, including priority access to job/project opportunities, reduced development fees within the metaverse, a share of metaverse development profits based on the number of ‘Founders’ NFTs held, exclusive access to special areas in the ShibCoOp HQ, and recognition on the illustrious ‘Founders’ Wall’ at the headquarters.

DAO Votes: 

Founders are granted one vote each, emphasizing the democratic essence of the community, irrespective of the quantity of NFTs they hold.

As ShibCoOp pioneers the intersection of technology and creativity, the ‘CoOp Founders’ NFT Collection signals another chapter in their commitment to community empowerment and innovation.

With a roadmap designed to enhance engagement and reward NFT holders, ShibCoOp invites enthusiasts to partake in this next evolution of digital collectibles.

Stay tuned for the minting event and witness the unveiling of the ‘CoOp Founders’ NFT Collection on, shaping the future of decentralized creativity and collaboration.