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Why $Shib and Other Cryptocurrencies Will Outperform Stocks This Year – Op-Ed



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

If you are not new to the investing world, then you will know that stocks have been a safe haven for investors to make gains and double their money. With the occasional loss peppered in, the odds of making money in the stock market are better than gambling in Vegas. However, cryptocurrencies have uprooted the stock market thought process. Investors have dumped thousands of dollars into coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum and made millions. This especially was true when coins like Doge or Shiba took off.


Doge was the initial meme coin. Started as a joke amongst friends circa 2014, the coin soon gained steady popularity among Robinhood traders and eventually rose from the billionth of a cent range to setting its all-time high of 0.73 last year. This sparked a new wave of thinking and investing. Perhaps these meme-coins can be worth something to the seasoned investor or be a saving grace for the new kid on the block. This notion is what makes $Shib so desirable.

Shiba Inu coin ($SHIB or $SHIBA) has gained the attention of big and small investors alike. This small coin eventually reached the largest audience and has done nothing but increase its demand. Starting as a meme coin in 2020, investors thought this could be a ponzi scheme again and just make money before the “rug pull”. However, this never happened and Shib has set another new ATH in October of 2021. The thing that sets Shib apart from its “meme-coin” counterparts like Doge, is that it has utility and demand. Shib is launching into the metaverse with land sales this weekend! They also have collabs building with potentially Champion. Recently, you can now buy Shib at ANY Bank of America cryptocurrency ATM. Further solidifying why Shib is here to stay and why true meme-coins like Doge will slide away. But how about other coins? Why is crypto going to be better than stocks?

Crypto will lead stocks by double-digit gains again because of the metaverse. Virtual reality land for sale in the internet will raise coin prices as they are used in this virtual reality. Not only that but you are also seeing crypto adopted into the world today. Look at F1 and UFC. They have signed partnerships to promote cryptocurrency at all their fights and races with Not only that but NFL teams like the Tennessee Titans have started paying their players in cryptocurrency if they wish. Technology is only moving forward and crypto is the catalyst for it.


[This article was written as an Op-ed by Levi Parillo. Levi is a Crypto Researcher for Bold TV . BoldTV is a digital television news network committed to illuminating our culture through powerful storytelling, engaging interviews & inclusive dialogue.]