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NowNodes Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Processes 7 Million RPC Requests with Shibarium Node Launch



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Noteworthy achievements stand as a testament to progress and innovation. NowNodes has recently unveiled a noteworthy accomplishment within the Shibarium ecosystem. Just a week after making their Shibarium nodes accessible to developers and businesses, NowNodes has broken new ground by processing over 7 million RPC requests in a mere seven days. This accomplishment has sent shockwaves through the crypto community, sparking immense enthusiasm.


NowNodes’ announcement of over 7 million processed RPC requests has attracted a wave of interest from enterprise partners eager to employ Shibarium RPC Full Node services. The only remaining hurdle is the eagerly awaited token migration, an event that the community is closely following.

Partnerships are rapidly forming as DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) and bridges within the Shibarium ecosystem take center stage through NowNodes. As the ecosystem expands, these collaborations hold the potential to unlock fresh opportunities, benefiting both Shibarium and NowNodes.


A prominent concern within the community revolves around understanding how to effectively utilize Shibarium nodes, decipher RPC requests, and access comprehensive documentation. NowNodes has risen to the occasion by launching an exclusive Shibarium RPC Full Node Guide on their YouTube channel.

This guide is poised to be a game-changer, offering valuable insights for developers and businesses keen on harnessing the potential of Shibarium. Not only does it serve as an invaluable resource for comprehending the inner workings of Shibarium nodes, but it also sets the stage for forthcoming milestones within this dynamic space.

NowNodes’ accomplishments within the Shibarium ecosystem are nothing short of extraordinary. Their unwavering commitment to providing robust node services has resulted in record-breaking achievements and the initiation of promising partnerships and collaborations.

As NowNodes looks towards the future, one fact remains abundantly clear: there are even greater milestones on the horizon. With the ever-growing Shibarium community and its innovative solutions, Shibarium is poised to continue its ascent within the crypto sphere. To stay updated on the latest developments and access the exclusive Shibarium RPC Full Node Guide, visit the NowNodes’ website:

NowNodes demonstrates that dedication and vision can propel one beyond conventional limits. The Shib Army community eagerly anticipates the new chapters in the Shibarium L2, fully expecting it to be nothing short of revolutionary.