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Everything We Learned From The Shiba Inu Watcher Guru AMA. A Must Read for the SHIBARMY



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

So today was the Watch Guru SHIBA Inu AMA. If you missed it you missed out on a lot of key points. The future of the entire SHIB Ecosystem is bright. Here is a summary of what you may have missed.


The first thing that was discussed after the intros were the DOGGY DAO. Archangel was the speaker for this phase of the AMA. He was telling listeners about how the Beta release was a big success based on the user base. They do not want to have any security issues so they plan on taking things step by step. The biggest reason for this is they do not want to have a “hostile takeover” such as the one that happened on another DAO less than a month ago. They did not give any updates as to when the next phase of the Doggy Dao would be released.

Burn Mechanisms

Tonight we were able to hear the voice of Shibinformer for the first time which excited many in the Shibarmy. The big news that he spoke of was that the v  2.0 of Shibaswap will include a burn portal. He was explaining how they the burn rate to GROW with the utilization rate of the platform. he called it similar to a “new utility”. He jokingly said this does not mean a 90% Burn rate as that is not possible but this would create a consistent burn that would reduce the supply over time.



Welly’s And Why It is Important

When Wellys was first announced we all know that there was a mixed reaction to the news. As time went on the Shibarmy started to recognize how Wellys would help the branding of the Shiba Inu Token. Archangel called welly the “Dark Horse” in the Shiba Ecosystem while explaining this is going to be the first restaurant in the world that will run on Blockchain technology. Among other things of importance about how Welly’s will make Shiba Inu a household name is the fact, Wellys will also burn SHIB once Shibarium goes live. Wellys will be partially funding franchise opportunities by developing applications in the Shiberse and creating NFT projects. Franchises will begin to open around the early part of 2023.


The Shiberse had some big updates come out during the conversation as well. People will be able to purchase real estate on the Shiba Lands. Those with Leash will be able to get first access to the properties if they Lock their Leash. This is not the same as X-Leash as they will have to lock Leash for a predetermined amount of time. The metaverse they are building will be an “Immersive World” that will be similar to a real-world experience.  There will be companies, hangouts, and of course partnerships. One of the main points was that all three tokens Shib, Leash, and Bone would be utilized in the project. There will be a special place for those that have Shiboshis.

Prices will vary on real estate in the Shiberse depending on how close people are to the Dog Park. This is similar in the real world to properties in NYC that are located near central park. there is going to be a total of 99,000 Lands that can be purchased. Only 35,000 will be released at the launch of the Shiberse.


Shib Games

So what are the Shib Games going to entail? Queenie stated that there will be a nonblockchain game that’s being developed by Playside Studios and should be released by the end of 2022. The blockchain game is going to be more focused on Shiboshis and future Shiboshis. According to Queenie, there are going to be hundreds of cards to collect similar to other card-based games. William Volk chimed in to assure people that this was not a clone of any other card game that was on the market. He also let the Shibarmy know that the progress of the game development is coming along very well. If you know of William Volk you know his reputation is outstanding and we take what he says as gold.


As you can see there was a lot about Shiboshi’s importance in the Shiba Ecosystem. Shiba Lands will have an exclusive area set aside for Shiboshi Holders. They even announced that they will be selecting 2000 Shiboshi Holders to mint one land each guaranteeing that Shiboshis are not just going to be a pretty JPEG but will also have utility.

We were also able to ask a question of the Shiba Inu Team and Shib Devs. as follows thanks to @MarktMatts

“We all know that Shibarium is a process & no exact dates can be given but when can the Shib Army expect an update on the Public & Private testnet?”

Queenie answered by saying:

“So again it kind of ties back and I know that this is a little bit disappointing because people always wanna hear about Shibarium and I’m just as excited as you guys are. It’s just something that we really can’t discuss and again we always give information as soon as we reasonably can. Essentially we are the vessels for the community will, the devs, and those of us adjacent. We are just acting as a conduit to get things ready to go. Kaal has just said that what he can say is that we are already in Alpha as we have that deployed and we are working towards a BETA for Shibarium but beyond that, we cannot really give anything else.”


We want to put a special thank you to all those that were involved in the AMA tonight below. These are good accounts to follow.