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Shib Army News: Happy SHIBAPENDENCE DAY And What It Means For All Of Us



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The concept of independence is something that is intrinsically linked to me and
my part as a “still centralized” citizen. Well, in my centralized country, we have
various autonomies with their own language, customs and cultures, which have
been seeking for hundreds of years to become independent of the core of the
country in order to be independent and decentralized societies from the main
government. It should be said that they were already independent autonomies,
but like everything else and over the years, centralization (and centralization is
not a modern concept) has ended up destroying or preventing the
independence of these communities.


If we talk about centralization, we must look back thousands of years, with
the beginning of the first communities and civilizations.

Centralization is the process by which authority and control are concentrated in
a single point within an organization, government, or system. In historical and
political terms, centralization has been a recurrent phenomenon in the
development of societies and states.

Here are some key points about where and how centralization begins (of
civilizations as we know it, as we have not yet discovered even a small % of our
past as humanity).


We see that it “begins” in ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt,
and China, where the beginnings of centralization can be observed. Kings and
pharaohs centralized power to maintain control over vast territories and diverse
populations. Centralization facilitated the administration of resources, the
implementation of laws, and the defense of territory.

But the real expansion of centralization begins in the Classical Empires. Empires
such as the Roman and Han in China consolidated and expanded the
centralization of power. Emperors and their centralized administrations created
complex systems of government to manage large areas and populations.
This included the creation of bureaucracies and the standardization of laws and
administrative practices.

Following this expansion and during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,
many European monarchies began to centralize power to reduce the influence
of nobles and feudal lords.

After that, the formation of nation-states in Europe during the sixteenth to
eighteenth centuries implied a greater degree of centralization. The
centralization of power was seen as a means to strengthen the state, implement
reforms, and maintain order. The creation of national armies, centralized tax
systems, and efficient bureaucracies were characteristic of this process.
All this led before the twentieth century to periods of revolution or reform,
where centralization gained more and more territory and freedoms lost more
and more properties.

At the beginning of the 21st century, centralization became globalization in the
business, corporate and technological spheres. Where large companies
concentrate resources and economic power at unprecedented levels.
Influencing in ways that we do not even imagine in economies and societies at a
global level.

To speak of independence, it was absolutely necessary to first speak of
centralization and what this centralization represents for us, humanity.


Until not long ago, perhaps until 2021, I myself was someone who, despite
having decentralized personal values, was not able to see or even understand
what decentralization was. For independence and decentralization are brothers
of blood, sweat and tears. To my knowledge, I thought that being independent
(or decentralized) from governments, banks or multinationals with absolute
power was an impossible task, since they had total economic control. While it is
true that my entry into the crypto world was in 2018, it was not until 2021 that I
understood (and I did so in an instant when I read Ryoshi talking about Shiba
Inu for the first time) that we were really capable of being independent
economically. That is, to take that great global step where we, the citizens, have
control of our own economy and are capable of creating our own tools
independent of those that govern us in favor of only a few.
And at that moment, the word “impossible” independence became
“possible” decentralization.

And everyone who knows me, knows that, from that moment on, the Ivan that
everyone knew who always said “Ah, don’t be deluded, they have the money”,
became a blockchain activist with a vision and a philosophy where the message
changed to be “If we all work together, we can do it. We have a chance.”
This is my chance. Every day. Understanding from that vision, that in community
and with work, we can progress in favor of changing things little by little. And
that vision comes from Ryoshi, but she also has the courage of Shytoshi. And of
course a beautiful heart that Milkshake left. But the most important thing, the
best thing about that opportunity is you. Those who read me or not. The ones I
talk to or not every day in the crypto communities that they are, sparks that light
fires in the hearts of many, many people. The most important thing is the
community. Well, without community, there is no decentralization. It’s the
community that brings ideas to the blockchain. It is the community that actively
participates. It is the community that creates the necessary manifestos that are
the soul of communities.

It’s you, us. We are all those who have a crypto wallet or those who have made,
even if it is a single transaction on the blockchain. Well, every new wallet that is
opened on the blockchain is one less wallet for banks. Each transaction on the
blockchain is one more freedom gained in transparency. Each new holder is one
more hope to achieve the purpose of being financially free and with that, free to
continue evolving, in a transparent and global way. Well, in DeFi we are not
separated by borders, flags, colors, genders or religions. Here everything
counts because we are the great dream of a single community. All the same, but
always all different.

I matter. You matter. We all matter.

Our independence is decentralization. The possibility of freedom and economic
self-sufficiency (and thus starting from 0) and of being able to create the
societies of the future is in the blockchain. One day, someone saw that
possibility. Nakamoto left the necessary clues for Vitalik and his team to bring
decentralization to life. Ryoshi expanded the idea with Shiba Inu. And it is up to
us to be the next to continue a legacy that humanity needs. And he really needs
it. No excuses, no pauses. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so that
thousands of years after us, humanity will continue to always have a chance
against those who will always want to have it all to themselves.
We decide. And we decided on July 6, 2021, that this day would be renamed
“SHIBAPENDENCE DAY” (Thank you Shy).

Happy Independence community. Happy decentralization.
Iván Picazo.

X (twitter) @IamIvanPicazo / iamivanpicazo*shib