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Shib Army News: Lets Grow – Shiba Sequoia Forest Unleashes New Website and Provides Major Updates



Shiba SEQUOIA Forest
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Shiba Sequoia Forest has recently launched its updated website, marking the beginning of an extraordinary project that harmoniously combines music, NFTs, Crypto, and real-world tree planting. Andrew Prater, the founder of this innovative initiative aims to foster a vibrant community while advocating for sustainability and environmental consciousness.


With the soft launch of their website, Shiba Sequoia Forest presents visitors with an immersive experience. While the e-commerce functionality is currently under development, visitors can expect the opportunity to purchase trees directly from the platform in the near future.

One of the features of Shiba Sequoia Forest is the presence of the Musical Lads, a talented group of artists carefully selected from the music community. Their remarkable musical talents infuse the project with beautiful music, captivating individuals from diverse backgrounds. The Forest’s Musical Lads will play a significant role in the upcoming ShibaFest—an eagerly anticipated event that promises to be truly unforgettable.


To familiarize visitors with the faces behind the project, the Shiba Sequoia Forest website also includes detailed bios and information about the team members and members of the Shib Army. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and expertise, united by a shared passion for the project’s vision and mission.

Shiba Sequoia Forest is dedicated to providing opportunities for individuals to actively participate in environmental conservation. Soon, visitors will also have the chance to purchase trees directly from the website. By acquiring and planting these trees, they can contribute to the reforestation efforts while becoming an integral part of the Shiba Sequoia Forest community.

LADS places a strong emphasis on community and recognizes the contributions of the Lads community members and the broader Shib community. Their support and collaboration have been instrumental in the growth and success of Shiba Sequoia Forest. They want to create a tightly-knit community driven by shared values and a common vision. With the recent launch of their website, the project sets out to build a strong presence within the Web3 communities and create a lasting legacy rooted in environmental stewardship.

As the project continues to evolve, Shiba Sequoia Forest and its passionate team of innovators eagerly anticipate the continued support and growth of the Web3 communities. By harnessing the power of music, Shib, and tree planting, they are actively shaping a brighter future—one where sustainability, creativity, and community thrive in perfect harmony.