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Shib Army NEWS: Welly Friends – Bridging Web2 and Web3 with Culinary Innovation



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In the bustling city of Naples, Italy, a revolutionary culinary venture has emerged that seamlessly marries traditional fast-food dining with the cutting-edge realms of blockchain and NFTs. Welly, initially opened in 2021, has not only captivated the palates of chicken lovers but also captured the imagination of the crypto community, positioning itself as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 technologies.


A Unique Fusion of Culinary Art and Blockchain

Welly’s journey began with a simple yet ambitious vision as it sought to reshape the potential of blockchain technology in the culinary world. With a collection of 4273 NFTs, Welly leverages the power of digital assets to offer a unique dining experience, making it a point of reference in Naples and beyond.


Revolutionizing Engagement Through NFT Refresh

A standout feature of Welly’s pioneering approach is its forthcoming NFT collection refresh. This initiative is not just an upgrade but it is also a testament to Welly’s commitment to continuous innovation and engagement with its community.

The refresh reflects Welly’s agile approach to the fast-evolving blockchain landscape. By updating the NFTs, Welly not only keeps pace with technological advancements but also fosters a dynamic and engaged community. This move is expected to attract new enthusiasts to the Welly family, further expanding its reach within the realms of both Web2 and Web3.

The NFT refresh is also a strategic step towards enhancing Welly’s brand identity across social media platforms and in real-world applications. By incorporating the latest in blockchain technology and digital art, Welly ensures that its character and ethos are represented and celebrated across digital and physical spaces. This symbiosis between the NFTs and the brand’s real-world presence underscores Welly’s innovative vision, setting new standards for how businesses can integrate into the digital age.

The heart of Welly’s innovation lies in its team of 30 dedicated professionals who hail from diverse fields such as graphic design, marketing, logistics, legal, administration, and catering. This multidisciplinary approach has enabled Welly to excel in both its culinary offerings and its integration with blockchain technology.

Embracing the Blockchain Revolution

Welly’s integration with blockchain technology extends beyond its NFT collection. The restaurant has developed a “daily report” bot that meticulously tracks and records every transaction executed by stores on the Shibarium blockchain, providing transparency and trust in its operations.

A Community-Centric Approach

Welly’s commitment to community engagement is evident in its active social media presence and various organized events, including community gatherings, collaborations with fashion stores, and e-games tournaments. The brand’s sponsorship of local soccer school leagues and high school sports events further cements its role in supporting and nurturing the community.

As Welly receives over 400 franchise requests globally, it stands at the forefront of a new era in the fast-food industry. With the establishment of “Table Zero” to manage franchising operations in Italy and Europe, the first franchise store set to open in Reggio Emilia, and continued exploration of blockchain technology, Welly is not just a restaurant; it’s a movement towards a more innovative, transparent, and community-driven future in both the culinary and digital worlds.

The Future is Fresh

Among its innovative ventures, Welly has introduced Welly Fresh, a vending machine concept that offers fresh and healthy products around the clock. This initiative reflects Welly’s dedication to providing accessible and high-quality meal options to its customers.

In conclusion, the refresh of Welly’s NFT collection is more than just an update; it’s a bold statement on the future of digital engagement and community-building. As Welly continues to pioneer this exciting convergence of culinary art and blockchain technology, the refreshed NFTs stand as a beacon of innovation, inviting both food lovers and tech enthusiasts to be part of a truly revolutionary dining experience.