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Shibarium Project News: SleepyShibs – Charting a New Course in the Shibarium NFT Community



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The SleepyShibs collection is swiftly gaining traction in the Shibarium NFT world, charming the Shib Army with its unique and appealing artwork. Inspired by other popular collections like Pudgy Penguins and Sappy Seals, SleepyShibs is quickly establishing itself as a key player in the Shibarium NFT scene.


What sets SleepyShibs apart is its engaging story and innovative rewards system, which has been sparking excitement among its holders. Its method of offering BONE tokens as staking rewards, without the hassle of lock periods or additional gas fees, is particularly attractive and is helping SleepyShibs stand out in the crowded Shibarium ecosystem.

The numbers speak for themselves: a significant 71% of SleepyShibs’ total NFTs are staked, indicating a deep-seated trust from its holders. Moreover, with less than 8% of SleepyShibs NFTs up for sale, it’s clear that there’s a strong belief in the collection’s long-term value.


SleepyShibs’ rapid rise to fame is also evident on social media, especially on Twitter, where it has captured the interest of many notable figures in the Shibarmy and Shibarium communities. Its fast minting rate and impressive growth in floor price further underscore its position as a force in the NFT market.

The collection’s success isn’t just confined to the digital world. It has been featured in the official Shiba Inu magazine, and its artwork has even graced the iconic Times Square in New York City, alongside other leading NFT projects, highlighting its growing global recognition.

The team behind SleepyShibs is continuously pushing the boundaries, especially with their expansion into the metaverse. They’re acquiring virtual land to create engaging spaces for holders, and the launch of the $SLEEP token, with its unique tax approach, is set to enhance the metaverse experience even further.

SleepyShibs’ collaborations, such as those with Sharbi Token and Shibwomen, and the tease of an upcoming partnership, show a commitment to growth and community engagement. This is mirrored in the trading volume on platforms like Mantra Marketplace, with one SleepyShibs NFT even reaching a notable sale price of 1150 $BONE.

At the helm of SleepyShibs is Jay, a leader who’s passionate about the project’s success. His dedication to spreading awareness about SleepyShibs and advocating for the strategic use of NFTs is building a strong, connected community.

As SleepyShibs continues to ascend, the future looks bright. With an enthusiastic team, a supportive community, and numerous innovative projects in the pipeline, SleepyShibs is poised to make a significant impact on the Shibarium NFT landscape and beyond.