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The Rare Divergence Period in Investing In $SHIB $TSLA or Any Crypto/Stock – OPED



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

What is a Divergence or Divorce period in investing? This is a period when the price of stocks or
cryptocurrencies is trending continually downward even though the companies are producing or
trending in a positive direction. Divergence periods only come along during special economic situations.
These economic situations can be triggered by wars, recessions, or crippling debt in a country. Currently,
all 3 are hitting the global stage and the powerhouses of the world. There may be doom and gloom
right now in the markets, but how do you see the light at the end of the tunnel or find that silver lining?


Divergence periods never last and usually end with an explosion in the opposite direction. This means
that eventually stock prices and cryptocurrencies will rebound heavily in the positive direction to reflect
the company or projects movement. How can you take advantage of this period? It is quite simple
actually. All you need to do is pick your current investments or perhaps grab some others that are down
as well and hang on. You will get your average share price or coin price down as well as be in an
excellent position for when they rebound. This period is a great time to enter into other positions as
well. Bitcoin the last time it hit this problem went from 29k to a new ATH around 60k. $Shib sent it’s new
ATH of 0.000088 is just shy of burning another zero. So how do you know which coins or stocks will
rebound heavily after this Divergence period?

Stocks and coins that will rebound like a rocket launch after the Divergence period ends are those
actively trending in the positive direction. Look at $LCID for stocks. This company is rolling out high-end
electric vehicles with the highest charge range of any EV on the market. However, their stock has been
trending downward heavily which does not align with their sales as well as orders. $TSLA is another
stock that is trending heavily downward, from its peak of near $1300 a share to barely keeping about
$800. Elon is a well-regarded, self-made business mogul, Tesla will weather this storm just fine. What
about cryptos? $Shib just had a partnership signed with Gucci to accept the token for payments.
Shibarium, the network upgrade to make $Shib faster and more environmentally friendly is close to
release, yet it trends downward as well. $ETH, $ETC and $CRO are all trending downward regardless of
their partnerships and network upgrades to make the tokens sustainable. These all will rebound heavily
and surpass their previous ATHs once this Divergence period ends. My personal take is that by end of
summer we should see the rally in the opposite direction. As always, these are opinions of just one
person. Please always DYOR (Do your own research) and invest what you are willing to lose if the end of
the world happens. Happy Trading!!

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[This article was written as an Op-ed by Levi Parillo. Levi is a Crypto Researcher for CryptoChrist . ]