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k9 finance k9 finance
Shibarmy News5 months ago

Shibarmy News: A New Dawn for Shibarium – K9 Finance Unveils Groundbreaking DeFi Strategies in Latest Litepaper

As Shibarium continues to grow the release of K9 Finance’s Litepaper V1 has sparked considerable excitement. This document, a beacon...

Marswap Exchange Marswap Exchange
Shibarmy News5 months ago

Shib Army News: Trade Smarter, Not Harder – Marswap’s Flat Fee Revolution

In a bold move that’s shaking up the decentralized finance (DeFi) world, Marswap has just made a game-changing announcement. It’s...

k9 FInance k9 FInance
Shibarmy News6 months ago

Shib Army News: Revolutionizing DeFi – Shiba Inu and K9 Finance Forge a Groundbreaking Partnership in Liquid Staking

In an unprecedented move shaking the foundations of the cryptocurrency universe, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has strategically allied with K9...

Shibarmy News6 months ago

Shib Army News: MarSwap’s Game-Changer Unleashing Crypto’s Future with BNB Chain, Shibarium and Beyond

In another exciting cryptocurrency space first, the quickly becoming famous MarSwap Multi-Chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) has announced integration with the...

Shibarmy News8 months ago

Shibarium Project News: Mantra Lending Pools And Shibarium’s Flourishing NFT Ecosystem

As a reporter in the Shib Army for over 2 years what I have seen lately is impossible to ignore....

Shibarmy News8 months ago

Shibarium Project News: ShibaPunkz – Trailblazing a New Era in Shibarium’s Digital Odyssey

In the rapidly evolving realm of digital assets, a new star is rising on the horizon of Shibarium: ShibaPunkz. With...

Shibarmy News8 months ago

Shibarium Project News: SleepyShibs – Charting a New Course in the Shibarium NFT Community

The SleepyShibs collection is swiftly gaining traction in the Shibarium NFT world, charming the Shib Army with its unique and...

Shibarmy News10 months ago

Shibarium Project News: John MacPherson Joins NFA Labs – A Crypto Power Move That’s Set to Reshape the Future of DeFi

In a buzz-worthy development that’s got crypto enthusiasts talking, NFA Labs—also known by its crypto ticker, $NFAi—has announced that crypto...

Shibarium Projects10 months ago

NowNodes Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Processes 7 Million RPC Requests with Shibarium Node Launch

Noteworthy achievements stand as a testament to progress and innovation. NowNodes has recently unveiled a noteworthy accomplishment within the Shibarium...


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