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Shibarmy News1 week ago

Shibarium Project News: John MacPherson Joins NFA Labs – A Crypto Power Move That’s Set to Reshape the Future of DeFi

In a buzz-worthy development that’s got crypto enthusiasts talking, NFA Labs—also known by its crypto ticker, $NFAi—has announced that crypto...

Shibarium Projects1 week ago

NowNodes Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Processes 7 Million RPC Requests with Shibarium Node Launch

Noteworthy achievements stand as a testament to progress and innovation. NowNodes has recently unveiled a noteworthy accomplishment within the Shibarium...

cryptiq browser cryptiq browser
Shibarium Projects3 weeks ago

Shibarium Project News: Cryptiq – Security, Innovation, and Community Engagement at Its Core

If you’ve been in the blockchain or tech space lately, you’ve probably heard whispers—or more likely shouts—about Cryptiq. This company...

Sharbi Token Sharbi Token
Shibarmy News3 weeks ago

Shibarium Project News: Sharbi -Why This “High-Class Mistress of Shiba” Is Gaining Momentum

If the crypto universe had its version of a star-studded Broadway show, Sharbi would be its radiant lead, capturing the...

Shibarmy News4 weeks ago

Shibarium Project News: PupSwap Unleashed – Building in Silence In Shibarium’s DeFi Arena

Alright, let’s cut through the noise. In the crowded space of DeFi, every now and then, a project catches my...

Shibarmy News1 month ago

Shibarium Project News: SWYPE – The Up-and-Coming Powerhouse in Crypto’s Wild West

If you’re anything like me, wading through the constant influx of crypto news and ICOs is enough to make your...

Shibarmy News1 month ago

Shibarium Project News: Marswap Now Live on the L2 – A Game-Changer for DeFi Enthusiasts

You may want to sit down for this one. If you’re a follower of the SHIB Ecosystem or simply someone...

Shibarium NFT Marketplace Shibarium NFT Marketplace
Shibarmy News1 month ago

Shibarium Project News: PawZone & Pawzaar – Major Project Announcements And What The Future Holds

When you take a step back and look at what is going on in crypto, the Shiba Inu ecosystem is...

0xs 0xs
Shibarmy News1 month ago

Shibarium Project News: Unlocking the Future with 0xShibarium AI – A Deep Dive into Shibarium’s Layer 2 With 0XS

As blockchain and cryptocurrency continue to dominate the digital horizon, projects are constantly evolving to offer unique solutions that stand...

Shibarmy News2 months ago

Shibarium Project News – NFAi’s Hecate To Empower Crypto Influencers w/ Decentralized Insurance

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, crypto influencers hold significant sway over public perception and decision-making. However, amidst the recent surge in hacks...

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