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Shib Army News: Get Ready for a Digital Odyssey Like No Other with the 2nd Dream A Little Dream NFT Showcase!



Shibarium NFT Space
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Get ready for some fun times ahead! Last time we had an incredible turnout of more than 1400 enthusiasts coming together creating an unforgettable atmosphere.. Now brace yourself for the amazing second edition of the DREAM a LITTLE DREAM SHOWCASE! Its going to be a space that will leave the #SHIBARMY and NFT Collectors amazed once again! Make sure you don’t miss out on the space that will be happening on Saturday at 1;00 PM EST December 23rd 2023!


It’s not just your typical X Space, it’s a journey into an ever growing NFT universe filled with digital wonders. We are about to unveil a galaxy of NFT stars. Each piece is a blend of artistry and imagination that will ignite your creative spark.

The SHIBARIUM L2 is expanding rapidly and along with it comes an influx of projects eagerly waiting to join our thriving family. The excitement is real and spreading as more people daily are noticing the Shibarium Projects. Even though not all projects have migrated to the L2 yet this is just the beginning. This growth signifies a future brimming with possibilities fostering a community where innovation and collaboration take center stage.


So mark your calendars for an adventure, into the heart of the NFT universe. It will be accompanied by thrilling giveaways that promise to add a dose of excitement to your journey—especially during this festive Christmas season.

Just feast your eyes on the dazzling lineup of projects lighting up the showcase below:

The hosts for this X Space include @theshibdream, @SharbiToken, @ShibBender and @Queen1Crypto. We’ll also have guests @LAGOJOE1 and @CryptoNicOg joining us. This event is going to be epic, for all NFT enthusiasts!

Are you excited to join us on this thrilling adventure?. Witness the magic that happens when dreams meet reality in the ever evolving world of NFTs. The future looks promising. Its all unfolding right here right now! Joint the X Space at