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A Trip To Naples. $SHIB Alexander Q&A About His Trip To Wellys Shiba Inu Themed Restaurant



So if you have not yet watched the Video Blog by @ShibAlexander watch it below. Alexander agreed to answer some follow-up questions about his trip and we thank him for it. In the video below you will not only see just Wellys but beautiful Naples, Italy as well. He did a really good job at shooting the video and giving it a true feel of what it is like to visit the first Shiba Inu restaurant. So watch the video below and then see the follow-up questions we had.


Shibarmy – Before you visited Wellys what were your thoughts on the Shiba Inu-based restaurant?

@ShibAlexander – “I was not prejudiced before visiting Welly honestly, I was very excited to try the products in collaboration with Shib”

Shibarmy –  Is this the first time you visited Naples?

@ShibAlexander – “No, I traveled in Naples many times in my life, was not the 1st time there”

Shibarmy – When you first saw Wellys how did you feel being part of the #SHIBARMY?

@ShibAlexander – “I felt so good when I saw the restaurant, the logo is beautiful seen from live, as well in the video but in life, from in person, there’s no comparison!!! Amazing!!”

Shibarmy – What did you think of Wellys food compared to other “Fast-Food restaurants”. Did it meet o exceed your expectations?

@ShibAlexander – “Btw, if I need to compare ad example Welly to McDonald I can say that burgers are 100% better, fries are good same as Mcdonalds are, but the difference was in the price. Maybe 10€ for a menu is too much, I would go with a max of 7.50€. It did meet my expectations.

Shibarmy – Were you greeted when you went to Wellys? Did they know you were on your way?

@ShibAlexander – “They didn’t know I was on the way and they were so kind to us, we get also a Nutella bread gifted aha, staff was so kind”


We want to take a minute to once again thank @ShibAlexander for not only granting us access to his trip but also for being such a proud and valued member of the #SHIBARMY.  It is people like him that show how great the #SHIB family is. You can follow Alexander at

Twitter : @ShibAlexander