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A Welcomed Message: Milkshake Reassures The Shiba Army She Sees Their Efforts. Shiba is Shiba



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Today Milkshake had a string of tweets that is ensuring the Shib Army that she sees their efforts, hears their ideas, and is fighting for them. We have spoken with quite a few people today and this news is more welcomed than she, or anyone, could ever imagine. So many projects from people in the Shiba Inu Ecosystem that are not official Partnershibs have been helping the project from the beginning. They started to feel as if their efforts were in vain. So without us going into speculation about her messaging, we are going to just publish, in her own words, her message to the community.


Milkshake Tweet 1″The process of intake and ideas needs to change if we want to build for the future. It’s a no brainer. I believe demanding the community to build for something, should also award expectation for the community overview a solid process of intake. #SHIB

Milkshake Tweet 2 “So we all trying our best to see where we fit in the journey. I respect each one of you, and will continue to do my best for this community and for #SHIB, if I seem quiet, it’s for a reason, I’m trying to develop solutions, ideas, and present them. Not all ideas get accepted”


Milkshake Tweet 3 “Not all ideas get replies, not all ideas matter, but that does not mean I don’t get to be a community member that tries to push reality. I forward as many ideas I capture here on socials as I forward negative comments to show true sentiment, even those work.”

Milkshake Tweet 4 “Didn’t mean to go on a rant this morning, I’m going to go back now and try my best to continue pushing for the community to the best of my ability, and I humbly accept your support or commentary, as I am truly focused on working for a better tomorrow.”


Milkshake Tweet 5 “The world is experiencing an economic battle not seen in years, affecting all aspects, and we can see that with the inflation ratios, worry, hunger, poverty ratios, governments, political parties that continue to scramble rather than accept solutions. It’s truly sad to see..”

Milkshake Tweet 6 “The project is awarding attention to many directions and the community is also part of that direction, this community guides the sentiment and the demand for feedback has not decreased, even through tough times in crypto, the community keeps innovating.”

Milkshake Tweet 7 “Supporting the community has always been part of my mission. I can tell you, I also struggle with certain things, and I try my best to make sure the community is heard. I gather comments, and share them with the team, feedback is the best, listening is better.”

Milkshake Tweet 8 “So releases to information, Shibarium, a new website, more DAO community categories and proposals, me asking for more granular information to know how the partnershibs are actually helping the ecosystem, what’s going on with the Metaverse, studio in yet? I’m asking daily.”

Milkshake Tweet 9 “While things are being told to me that are in the works, I don’t believe they are being ignored, Shiba is Shiba, we all carry the community mission too, those posting in socials, we all are pushing, but with such conditions as these, things I know, feel very frustrating.”


Milkshake Tweet 10 “Stay strong #ShibArmy, I’m not here to tell you what to do, I never have. Not anyone can push you to make choices for your decisions in this space, this is your investment. #crypto is hurting SHIB is part of the space period. Resilience works, but always stay true to you.”

Milkshake Tweet 11 ”

“One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.” Michael J. Fox, quoted that once, and it truly has been connecting with me lately. The amount of change, and negative energy has truly embraced some.