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Are Companies That Are Making Money Using The Shib Army? The Answer May Surprise You.



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

I am seeing so much disinformation on this topic lately that I feel obligated to write this post. So many accounts are saying now that “Businesses are Taking Advantage Of The Shib Army” because they offer burns and they are not donating 100% to the Shib Ecosystem. That they are trying to make money. Are you kidding me? Of course, they are and they need to.


First and foremost one of my posts seemed to get a lot of attention this week which partly stirred up this topic. The post was meant to encourage more businesses to get involved with the Shib Community and not force them away. This is the tweet.

To me, there is nothing wrong with this tweet but others seem to be offended by it. So let me go into more detail here than I can with a small amount of text. Companies NEED to make money which is why they exist in the first place. They have Payroll, Marketing, taxes, and survival to look at. So when they offer to burn SHIB or to Utilize Shib and accept it as payment I feel they are doing a service to all investors. Burning will help to raise the price as when there is less of something the value will continue to grow. When a project is accepted by more companies it shows more utility and will raise the price as more people use it as currency. So what is the issue?


Well it seems as the larger SHIB grows the more people are tending to shy away from the marketing aspect of all of this.  But it is not all companies that are targeted for this. Why are companies being called out for “USING” the SHIBARMY to make money? Isn’t the entire idea of SHIB a community-driven effort to lift those out of poverty and help enrich people that would not have had a chance before? Let me give you one example here.

So we all know that John Richmond is an official Partnershib. John Richmond has said they will burn 9% of purchases which will help with the reduction of the crypto.

They were held up on a mantle and praised for doing so. I salute them for this and think it is great they are moving forward. But people are not saying they are “USING” the Shib Army. They are a business and they need to make money. By promoting Shib the way they do they can draw in more customers. At the same time, they are marketing the Shiba Inu name which will give more exposure to Shiba Inu as well. How can we celebrate them for making money yet aggressively target others for doing the same? There are hundreds of smaller companies that are just involved but they do not have name recognition. I want to take a moment to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I see your efforts and I appreciate you for helping the Shib Army to grow and become worldwide.

I understand business, for those of you that don’t know who I am, my name is Doug Cohon, the former CEO of Amusement Digest Inc., otherwise known as A.D. INC. I created one of the first apps on Facebook. The Pink Ribbon. We had nearly 6.9 Million app installs and were able to reach 30 Million people worldwide monthly. After that, I was the Global Creative Director for Icon Media Group. Understand I am telling you this so you can trust that when I say something, I have an idea of what I am talking about. With over 20 years in marketing and I can grasp the concept of such matters.

So this brings me to the point of marketing and Shiba Inu. When Shiba Inu was created they were looking for all businesses, whether big or small, to get involved with the Vision of Ryoshi. What a beautiful vision it is. To have a decentralized token where everyone was equal and involved. A project that offered freedom of expression and a way to help so many people out of poverty. A token that is based on the fact that everyone had their own talents and they can all promote Shiba Inu in their own way as long as they did not damage the brand or try to scam the community. Yes scams are an issue and everyone must look out for them cause they are everywhere but saying that not everything is a scam or FUD or damaging to the brand.

So are companies making money from Shiba Inu? Absolutely and they should be expected to. What reason are you invested? Are you investing for fun or are you looking for a way “to the moon”? The whole point is to make money. Whether you are a small business, an investor, or an official partnership you have the same goal as everyone else that is here. To make a profit. Remember “Wen Lambo”?

I am sorry if this is a long article but I had to explain what I meant by the post that I shared. I believe in the Vision, I believe in the “SHIBDREAM”, I believe in the Shib Army, I believe in the Devs, and I believe in many of the businesses who have poured out so much time and money to not only make profits but to share the vision of Ryoshi with the world.

Remember the Vision