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Whale Of A Purchase! Almost 87 Billion Shiba Inu Tokens Grabbed by Eths Third Largest Whale Tsunade



Almost all ETH whales are investing in Shiba Inu as the release of Shibarium and Shib The Metaverse are nearing closer to reality. According to Whale Stats, the third-largest Ethereum Whale has just purchased 86,811,666,383 Shiba Inu Crypto Tokens for the price of 2.3 Million Dollars.

Whales have always been invested in Shiba Inu but there has been a major uptick in their investment holdings as of late. There are speculations that Tsunade might accumulate more of the cryptocurrency in the near future. We will keep an eye out for any transactions that are posted.

Coming into April we have seen major shifts in holdings by some whales yet one thing is consistent. The Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency as well as the FTX token are the most held as they fight for the number one and number two positions on a monthly basis.