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NowNodes Shibarium RPC Node Launch Nears Completion – Setting the Stage for Exciting Project Launches



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In the rapid-fire noise of the crypto world, staying accurately informed can be a Herculean task, especially when misinformation rears its head as it can spread faster than lighting. This has been the case for the recent speculations and rumors about the launch of the Shibarium RPC Node. In order to set the record straight, NowNodes, the RPC provider for Shibarium, has issued an update outlining the current status of the node launch.


NowNodes has announced significant progress in the development of the Shibarium RPC node. “Currently our engineers are working on setting up the node for internal tests and later – the public launch. Thanks to the efforts of the amazing development and marketing teams of Shibarium ecosystem!”. This achievement has been attributed to the relentless efforts by the NowNodes development and marketing teams who have been steadfast in their mission to reinforce the Shibarium ecosystem.

Dispelling swirling rumors about alleged delays in the launch, NowNodes asserts that no ETA was ever publicized for the node launch. Claims about delays or outages in the launch are simply unfounded, the statement clarifies. According to NowNodes, the development is right on track according to their internal timelines.


The near completion of the Shibarium RPC node is generating excitement within the Shib Army community, not just for the node itself but for all the amazing projects that will soon be able to launch on the Shibarium Layer 2. The close proximity of this launch is like the starting gun for an influx of innovative projects that have been waiting in the wings. It’s not just about one development; it’s about kickstarting an ecosystem with massive potential.

The team of engineers at NowNodes is focusing on the next steps, which include setting up and syncing the Shibarium RPC Node to make it ready for public use. The company states that they are 100% aware of the responsibility that accompanies this endeavor. They stressed that It is in the best interest of both NowNodes and the broader community to ensure a stable and high-speed connection for the node, the statement elaborates, adding that quality assurance and robust performance are their topmost priorities.

NowNodes promises to keep the community updated about further developments. For the time being, interested parties can check the availability and status of Shibarium on NowNodes’ platform. As the Shibarium Developers continue to build a stronger, more secure Shibarium ecosystem it shows that they are truly building for the future.

The clarification from NowNodes comes as a refreshing source of accurate information in an industry often muddled by hearsay and unfounded claims. With clear communication and transparent updates, NowNodes is setting the record straight, allowing the Shibarium community to look ahead with renewed confidence and understanding knowing that they are on track and protect that are utilizing the nodes will be able to launch soon as they finished up by saying”P.S. It’s reaaaaally close, fam! Wish us good luck”