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PartnerShibs With Now Payments Brings The Future of Burning Shiba Inu Tokens To The Forefront



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Exciting news that people have been waiting for has been made official today as the Partnerships in the Shib Ecosystem are now going to accept Shiba Inu Coins through Now Payments. We all read about Wellys, John Richmond, and the delicious Pizza from Sorbillo but the Shib Amry was excited to hear that all 3 companies will now utilize Now payments for Payment Processing.



Why is this exciting? Besides NowPayments supporting Shiba Inu Token from the beginning they have implemented a new feature that will allow a burning feature. The feature will burn a set percentage of the sales that are made from products and in return Merchants will get free publicity from Now Payments. So reducing the circulating supply will help with the price of the coin going forward.

In a comment, Milkshake was asked a question about when will Shiba burn tokens itself and she replied with “These are direct partnerships that are applying burn methods, don’t fud. The SHIB burn portal is being tested for its release, every platform going forward will have a burning foundation and/or opportunity, except for Shiba Inu Games at this time. Have a great weekend!”


She is correct with her statement as all future projects seem to have a burn mechanism in place to reduce the supply, that is of course except for the games at the time being. There are hundreds of community projects that are helping to burn the Shib supply. People ask sometimes why would they burn their own money. the answer is simple marketing. If you are supporting the community with a burn, as long as you are honest about your intentions, the community will rally around you. Think of it like this. When the local football team asks you to buy clothing, books, candy and popcorn you didn’t really need those items but you did it to show your support.

The Nowpayments burn feature is one of the best things we have heard lately as it will help other smaller projects to grow and at the same time people will see that the burns are verified through transactions. The future of Shiba Inu is bright. The future of Cryptocurrencies is just at the beginning stages. Whether you Hold Shib, Bone, Leash, Ethereum or Bitcoin as long as you hold past the dips you will be in good company as they grow. Just always DYOR on the projects you invest in.