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PAWZONE – The Project – The Passion – The Vision. Not “Officially” SHIBA But Still Quite Amazing



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So we all know that trust is important when any projects are being developed around the Shiba Inu Ecosystem and one of the projects that we at trust is a project called Pawzone. The project has multiple layers in which they will be utilizing Shiba Inu and Shibarium.

Before I explain the project I wanted you in the Shib Army to know I asked JD, the founder a few questions prior to publishing the story. What I can tell you after speaking with him is that he is one of the people that deeply care for the Vision of Ryoshi and all of you in the Shib Army. You can see the questions asked and the answers from the interview at the bottom of the page once you have read all about the Pawzone project.




The first project that they told us that will be available is Pawzaar. So what exactly is it? Pawzaar is going to be an NFT Marketplace built for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem that will be able to fully integrate with Shibarium. The NFT marketplace will be accepting $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE, $PAW, $ETH, $USDC, and even $SHI when it is released.

It is a unique concept as unlike other platforms when you join Pawzaar you will be able to borrow or lease NFTS for games or basic use which will give you temporary access to all of the utilities the NFT provides. PAW will be the currency required to lend or borrow assets on Pawzaar.

Of course, Pawzaar will also have the features many are used to as well like creating your own NFT’s and minting them on the marketplace similar to OpenSea. They also are aware that many people want to get into the NFT space but just don’t have the know-how to do so so they are giving users access to all the tools, instructions, and analytics available to help new designers and participants with their journey. Since they care about the community they don’t want anyone to go at it without all the proper guidance.

They also plan on using the power of Shibarium. This gives benefit and utility to SHIB as the feature would convert buyers’ tokens to ETH. This will only work however once Shibarium is launched. Another great feature of the marketplace is that they have low transaction fees and a portion of the fees will be sent to the Shib burn address. Users will also have the ability to set how much of their profits on sales of their NFT’s will be sent to the Shib Burn Wallet.

Finally, the marketplace will allow for NFT-NFT trades. How they explain it is that it is similar to MMORPGs and how they handle asset trading. If you wanted to make an offer for somebody’s NFT you can do so to the seller and they could either accept or deny your request.  Finally, they made it clear that this is just the beginning and not even close to what all the benefits of the Pawzaar marketplace will entail.

The Gaming Guild

As they have explained the Gaming Guild will be the “Ultimate Crypto Gaming Guild” for the entire Shib Army. This part of the project is going to allow you to borrow in-game assets where you can keep most of your earnings. On top of that because they care about the Shiba Inu Token’s success they plan on sending a percentage of transactions directly to the Shiba Inu Burn address.

They understand that crypto games are expensive and the guild is going to give its members access to playing blockchain games that have high barrier entries without paying anything. The member will also get to keep almost all of their earnings from the games as well.

They wanted to have a Guild for all those in the Shiba Inu Community. the guild will have a leveling system, special rewards and season passes.  They are also offering multipliers to those that own Shiboshis.

Below is from their blog

“Shiba Inu GG will give you passage to assets from a large variety of blockchain games. All our in-game assets will be chosen by the DAO. Scholarship applications will be released soon as well for members to participate in the guild. To become a guild member, you will need to obtain a free badge available on Pawzaar (all that is required is to pay the gas fees for the transaction). Hiring community managers will also be a top priority. Something to take into consideration is that guilds cannot operate solely on the Shibarium network since play-to-earn games will be on multiple networks. This includes games on Ethereum and Solana. In efforts to be as transparent as possible, Shiba Inu GG will have an assets page showing all the different assets the guild possesses along with how much the guild and DAO are making off of them.”

PAW the Token

Yes they have a token but this is important as it brings functionality to their entire project. As s stated before they care deeply for the Shiba Inu Community as they are also part of the Shib Army themselves. JD has been there from the beginning. saying that they need their own token to truly decentralize. The PAW token allows members to determine the future of the project. They are going to have their own DAO. This does not take away from the Shiba Inu Token which is going to be utilized throughout the entire PAWZONE PROJECT. The main point that JD wanted to get across for the Paw Token is that it is required for governance but it will have a ton of utility of its own without interfering with the many utilities our applications contain for the Shiba Inu tokens

How they see the PAW token is that it is “an unofficially official token in the Shiba Inu ecosystem.” The main priority of PAWZONE is to provide Utility for the Shiba Inu Token while still having the independence of their own using the PAW token. Something they have said has been a very delicate balance.  Below is an excerpt that explains how PAW will be used.

“Those who participate as a member of Shiba Inu GG will be able to earn $PAW which they can then use to purchase NFTs in Pawzaar or level up in the guild. People can conversely purchase $PAW at an exchange to hodl, use in the marketplace, or level up. Those who hold more $PAW will have a greater say in determining the future of the project as well as the in-game assets that will be chosen for the guild.”

“When it comes to Shiba Inu GG, the higher the level, the more $PAW you are rewarded for completing tasks and contributing to the guild. You must pay in $PAW to level up. It is important to note that there is no pay-to-win structure here in terms of competitive advantage and is solely in terms of how much a member will earn. This is a similar structure to launchpads and the amount of allocation you receive depends on how much of their native token is staked. However, it will be designed so that you will have the sufficient amount of $PAW by the time you are ready to move on to the next level had you not sold the $PAW you earned. The $PAW spent to level up will then be sent to the $PAW burn address. Token Supply: 1 Trillion (We will burn half the supply) Deflationary — 1.5% Burn on PAW Treasury — 1% of each transaction will be sent to a treasury wallet”

JD The Founder Of Pawzone

So we had a few questions to ask JD before we decided to publish the story on News.

How did you get started with the Shib Army?

“I had been an investor since there were less than 15k holders. The proposal I had written along with how it ended up circulating in the community, ending up on different YouTube videos/influencer social media, and even on Shytoshi Saturdays where Shytoshi spent the time answering questions regarding the proposal. One of them was a play-to-earn game. I had also been invited to several interviews.”

Why do you care so much for the community (Which I can see you do)?

“I care about this community because of what Shiba Inu/Ryoshi stands for. The ShibArmy has become my family after all this time. I’ve been here since Ryoshi wrote his first medium article. The entire concept of this decentralized experiment is to help one another within the community succeed. It is the people that place the value on building around the ecosystem. It takes decentralization to another level and I think it’s a very beautiful thing.”

What Was Your background Prior To The Creation Of Pawzone?

“I’ve been in crypto for a long time and I’ve been heavily involved in the numerous innovations crypto has created over the years. Through my constant engagement, I discovered my passion for NFTs and play to earn gaming.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“This is not an “official” project but I have only received good comments from “Certain” members of the dev team and breeds.”