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Shib Army News: Its Time! 2nd Pawzone/Pawzaar AMA To Be Held On 03/14 at 7PM CST



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Trust is an essential factor when developing projects within the Shiba Inu Ecosystem, and one of the projects that trusts is PawZone. This is the only project that we have ever officially endorsed. And there is a reason.


PawZone has its token, ($PAW *Not Yet Released*), which will bring functionality to the project. The $PAW token allows members to determine the future of the project, and they will have their DAO. The $PAW token is essential for governance, but it will have a utility of its own without interfering with the many utilities our applications contain for the Shiba Inu Tokens. PawZone aims to provide utility for the Shiba Inu Tokens while still having independence of its own using $PAW.

Make sure to attend the AMA Below to learn More


Let’s start with the Pawzaar project which will utilize Shiba Inu and Shibarium in multiple layers. Pawzaar, an NFT marketplace built for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem that integrates fully with Shibarium, is the first project that they will release. Pawzaar will allow borrowing or leasing NFTs for games or basic use. It will accept $SHIB, $LEASH, $BONE, ($PAW FROM PAWZONE *Not Yet Released*), $ETH, $USDC, and eventually $SHI. Users can also create their own NFTs and mint them on the marketplace, and they will have access to tools, instructions, and analytics to help new designers and participants. Pawzaar will have low transaction fees, and a portion of the fees will go to the Shib burn address. Users will also have the option to send some of their profits from NFT sales to the Shib Burn Wallet. The marketplace will also allow for NFT-NFT trades.

The Gaming Guild, on the other hand, is the “Ultimate Crypto Gaming Guild” for the entire Shib Army. It allows borrowing of in-game assets where members can keep most of their earnings, and a percentage of transactions goes to the Shiba Inu Burn address. The guild gives members access to playing blockchain games without paying anything and keeping almost all of their earnings. The guild will have a leveling system, special rewards, and season passes, and they are offering multipliers to those that own Shiboshis. Members will need to obtain a free badge available on Pawzaar to become a guild member. Shiba Inu GG will show all the different assets the guild possesses on an assets page, along with how much the guild and DAO are making off of them.