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Shib Army News: Shib The Metaverse and Launch Massive Website Update



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A massive site update has been launched for Shib The Metaverse and it seems no one has yet noticed. SXSW was just the beginning for Shib the Metaverse as the new website shows details of the future.


With SXSW coming to a close we knew that more would be coming from the metaverse team but few would have understood just how much would be done. Once you look at the new website that was just launched you can get an understanding of just how much work has been put into this. The details of Shib The Metaverse are on display for all to see. One of the most important factors in designing something is attention to detail and it seems that this was more than taken care of. In fact the legend, William Volk called it “The best looking Metaverse Ever”.

When you first arrive at the new website you can see the flyover begin but then there is also a trailer. We suggest that everyone watch it at SHIB.IO as it shows some of the most intricate details with a flyover of the lands.


They also have included a form for all those looking to join Shib The Metaverse. The link can be found on the front page of SHIB.IO or you can access it directly by visiting here. Quoted from the website “Ready to discover the future of entertainment, business, and gaming all rolled into one? Join Shib The Metaverse and see how you can build an experience for your customers, a mirror of your In-Real-Life business, an entire game, structures, furniture and so much more! We are excited to have you as part of our virtual community and can’t wait to explore our new digital universe together.”

The official account for Shib The Metaverse on Twitter is @shib_iothemv

The level of enthusiasm shown by the Shiba Army is extraordinary as they gear up for the introduction of Shib The Metaverse to the world at SXSW. This event marked the start of a revolution that the community eagerly anticipates, as reflected in their new slogan “It’s Not A Meme – It’s A Movement.” With Shibarium Beta’s release and a plethora of projects filling out the intake form, it appears that the community’s momentum is unstoppable. Shib The Metaverse is poised to propel this movement towards a bright future.