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Shib Army News: JD from Pawzone Interviewed by the Gem Professor. The Future of PAWZONE PAW



Pawzone PAW token
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

PawZone is an upcoming project that has generated a lot of buzz in the crypto world. JD, one of the key figures behind the project, recently granted an interview to the Gem Professor where he spoke about PawZone and what to expect from it.


During the interview, JD was asked about the launch date for PawZone. While he couldn’t provide an exact date, he did say that the launch is set for sometime later this week. JD expressed his excitement for the launch and how long it’s been in the making.

The PawZone ecosystem includes several components such as Pawzaar, Pawfi, and Shiba Inu GG. JD spoke in depth about Pawzaar and its many features such as auto-converting transactions and trading NFTs for NFTs. He also mentioned the partnerships that PawZone has formed with NFT enthusiasts and reputable creators. JD sees Pawzaar as the OpenSea of Shibarium. As you know we feel that in the future, Pawzaar will eventually overtake OpenSea as Shibarium becomes more popular.


JD also touched on Shiba Inu GG (Gaming Guild) but was cautious not to reveal too much due to some bad actors in the space that may try and FUD the project or outright copy what it will be. However, he did say that it will be a huge project and many will look forward to its features.

As for Pawfi, it will be the PAW DeFi staking, liquidity, and trading rewards platform. It will complement both Pawzaar and Shiba Inu GG and incentivize members to hold PAW.

JD was also asked about his role as an admin in the Shibarium Telegram group, which was created by Shytoshi Kusama. JD expressed how surreal it was to have been granted that role and how Shytoshi has been a significant inspiration in his life.

Regarding the Shibarium Beta process, JD made it clear that he’s not a developer of Shibarium and doesn’t know the current stage. He emphasized, however, that Pawzaar is essentially complete. Wen Shibarium? JD stated that he wants Shibarium to be released only when it’s ready rather than rushing through the steps to make sure it is perfect for the community.

JD was also asked about the numerous projects claiming to be affiliated with the Shib team directly. He said that if a project needs to make false claims about their affiliation with the Shib team, they’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. He stressed the importance of community-driven projects that are honest and don’t spread lies or create hate.

The interview also covered the Pawzone DAO process, which JD expects to be activated soon after the release of Pawzaar. He wants to make sure that PAW holders are always involved in the critical decisions that will shape the future of the Pawzone platforms. JD believes that users should have true governance.

When asked about the launch of the PAW token for PawZone, JD confirmed that it would be an entirely fair launch, giving everyone an equal chance of investing. He believes that this is the most decentralized approach and the right thing to do.

Finally, JD expressed his gratitude to the PawZone community and the ShibArmy for their support. He sees the vision of PawZone as more intact than ever before, and it’s all thanks to the incredible community behind it.

The interview that the Gem Professor was very detailed and helped to answer many questions that the community has asked. To see the entire interviews you can visit