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Shib Army News: Pawzaar NFT Marketplace – The Dawn of a New Era in Digital Collectibles



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Pawzaar NFT Marketplace: A New Entrant on the Horizon For Shibarium


In a landscape brimming with innovation, the Pawzaar NFT Marketplace distinguishes itself. Far from being a mere project, it’s a reflection of dedicated effort and strategic foresight. Here’s what’s brewing:

Pawzaar Beta: An Exclusive Peek

The buzz is real. Starting tomorrow at 8AM PST, a 12-hour window will provide an exclusive look at the Pawzaar Beta. This initial exploration is aimed at gathering user feedback, ensuring the platform is in top shape for its wider public launch.


Participation Basics

For those wishing to be part of this early experience, holding 50 million PAW (PAWZONE) tokens and a verified wallet on Discord are prerequisites.

Migrating to Shibarium

Users intending to get the full Pawzaar experience are advised to transition their BONE and SHIB tokens to the Shibarium network. This involves connecting an Ethereum wallet, bridging tokens, and prepping the SHIB token for use on Shibarium. A noteworthy point: the beta functions on the Shibarium mainnet, hence real tokens will be in use.

Debut Collection: The Shib Dream NFT Collection

Making its mark early on, Pawzaar announces its Shib Dream NFT collection. This collection, limited to 3,333 NFTs, promises not just aesthetic appeal but also interactive, community-based features. There’s also the added perk of access to the Shib Dream City metaverse.

Introducing PAWPASS

For enthusiasts, the PAWPASS by PawZone is a significant highlight, offering a range of benefits from whitelist spots to giveaways. A nod to the top 100 PAW holders: a PAWPASS is already in your kitty.

A Broader Vision

Pawzaar isn’t limiting itself to a couple of launches. Indications are strong that numerous creative projects are aligning with the platform, potentially sparking a major NFT movement on the Shibarium network.

Engage in the Discussion: AMA Alert

After the beta, Pawzaar encourages users to join an AMA on Twitter spaces. It’s not merely a feedback loop but a chance to understand the vision and future plans of the platform. Plus, there’s a significant reveal in the offing.

The Pawzaar NFT Marketplace seems poised to carve a niche for itself in the bustling NFT space. As more details unfold, especially with the third Pawzaar video guide releasing, the broader SHIB ecosystem and interested onlookers eagerly anticipate the platform’s full capabilities.