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Shiba Army News: Shiba Inu on Forbes’ Radar as Certik Validates Its Rise from Meme to Crypto Elite



Forbes SHib
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Guess what? Forbes has just spotlighted Shiba Inu, bringing it into the limelight alongside the iconic Dogecoin in their latest list of hot crypto investments for March 2024. Even though Shib started as a MEME many now recognize that Shib is no longer a MEME, but a movement that has now grabbed a coveted spot among the crème de la crème of digital currencies.


This feature from Forbes is once again lifting it from meme status to a heavyweight in the investment ring. It’s a big deal showing that Shiba Inu is more than just internet fun and games, it’s a serious player drawing eyes and earning nods of approval from investors far and wide.

As highlighted in Forbes, Shib has had a 280% surge in just the last month, Shiba Inu’s not just turning heads—it’s once again setting records. This surge isn’t just about numbers, it’s a testament to Shiba Inu’s growing clout and its magnetic pull on the investment community.

Forbes is without a doubt shining a light on Shiba Inu. It’s about recognizing a digital token that’s won the hearts and wallets of investors, soaring to prices that reminisce the glory days of 2021. When it hit $0.00004534 after its rally on March 5, it wasn’t just a peak; it was a statement.


And there’s more to cheer about. Shiba Inu’s not just making waves in price charts; it’s also earning its stripes in security and reliability, snagging the #3 spot among meme projects and standing tall at #62 across all cryptocurrencies according to Certik Skynet’s rankings. This isn’t just a win; it’s a stamp of approval on Shiba Inu’s credibility.

Forbes’ list, spotlighting Shiba Inu and Dogecoin as the meme darlings of the crypto world, marks a turning point, showing that even tokens born from internet culture can play in the big leagues. It’s a nod to the evolving investment landscape, where diversity and innovation lead the charge, opening doors to a myriad of possibilities for savvy investors.

But it’s not all about Shiba Inu. Forbes’ rundown also gives a nod to the usual suspects like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with rising stars like Solana and Cardano, painting a picture of a vibrant, diverse market brimming with opportunities for every type of investor.

In crowning Shiba Inu, Forbes isn’t just celebrating a token; it’s acknowledging the power of community, the promise of innovation, and the bright future of meme-inspired cryptocurrencies. With a fanbase closing in on 1.5 million token holders, the buzz around Shiba Inu is undeniable, pointing to an exciting journey ahead for this digital asset that once started as a bit of internet fun.