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Shib Army News: Shib Dream NFT Collection – Celebrating 1000 Mints Milestone with Ambassador Powerhouse and Metaverse Plans



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Shib Dream NFT Collection Hits 1000 Mints: A Deep Dive into Its Community Impact and Future Plans


In a remarkable feat in the ever-evolving world of Shibarium NFTs, the Shib Dream NFT Collection has crossed the threshold of 1000 mints. This milestone isn’t just about numbers however, it represents the vibrant community’s growing enthusiasm and commitment within the Shib Dream Community. But there’s more to this story than just the numbers. Let’s take a deeper look into the collection’s community-driven initiatives, the ambitious future plans for the Metaverse and beyond, and the recent roll-out of the Dream Ambassador Program.

So what is the Ambassador Program exactly?
In a strategic move to help with community relations and outreach, the Shib Dream NFT Collection has unveiled its Ambassador Program. This initiative brings onboard 15 dynamic individuals, led by the Community Project Lead @lagoJoe (@LAGOJOE1). The program’s backbone includes project leads @crimson (@CrimsonCreator2), @cryptoniic (@CryptoNicOg), and @cryptohero (@CryptoHero22) from Sharbi. These ambassadors, chosen for their passion and involvement in the Shibarium community, play a crucial role in driving the project forward, engaging with the community, and shaping the future trajectory of the collection and the future token launch. The full list of Dream Ambassadors also includes:













These ambassadors are crucial to all project planning and moving forward with the plans of the Metaverse and Community engagement. They are the heart of the Shib Dream Projects.

Celebrating 1000 Mints with Generous Giveaways during the entire mint process
The Shib Dream collection has rolled out an array of exciting giveaways to its community, underlining the importance of care for the community, and adding an element of thrill for the participants. These rewards range from massive crypto prizes to NFT rewards and others like Shibacals Items:

The Top End of Mint Reward: $25,000 in $BONE for one lucky holder.
Other Major Prizes:
$MSWAP and $MSWAPF rewards
Cash rewards in $SHIB, $BONE, and $LEASH, for random holders, with the highest being $3500 in $SHIB.

The Shib Dream NFT Collection’s journey believes in the spirit of giving. The collection has already made significant donations to various charitable causes, showing its dedication to social responsibility:

$125.00 was donated to Shib Women with another $1000.00 Pledged.
$500.00 was contributed to Lads Shiba Sequoia Forest with another $4500.00 Pledged.
$1500.00 was given to St. Jude Children’s Hospital with another $8500.00 Pledged.
$1000.00 allocated to World Central Kitchen with another $9000.00 Pledged.

So far the collection has burned 750 million Shiba Inu Tokens. This move not only aligns with the project’s core but also enhances the value and rarity of the Shib tokens, showcasing a commitment to sustainable growth.

The Shib Dream NFTs are more than just NFTs, they are tickets to an expansive digital city within Shib The Metaverse. Shib Dream City is envisioned as a virtual hub offering unique social spaces, gaming experiences, and potential virtual real estate opportunities, thereby elevating the community’s engagement and investment returns.

With only 3333 NFTs ever to be minted, the collection stands as a symbol of continuous evolution and value. These NFTs are not just art pieces but are poised to grow in utility and worth within the broader Shib The Metaverse.

The Shib Dream NFT Collection is shaping up to be more than just an NFT drop, it’s a movement within the Shibarium community, paving the way for both veterans and newcomers to be part of.