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Shib Army News: Shiba Eternity Download Day Moved To Oct 6th. For Exciting Reasons



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It was announced that the Download Day of the Shiba Eternity Game has been moved from October 1st 2022 until October 6th of 2022. Initially, people in the Shib Army were asking why a 5-day delay but as details came out things became clear. There is much coming that will benefit the Shib Army.


The Official Shiba Inu account sent out a series of tweets in which they said the following: “The official Shiba Eternity worldwide Download Day has been scheduled for October 6th, 2022! This will allow us to accomplish the following:  Announce the 30 Second Spot Winner on October 1st, 2022. Release a Crucial update from @ShytoshiKusama on how Shiba Eternity will play a role in supporting the global Shib community. We are excited to make history, and broadcast the energy of the #ShibArmy to reach new heights in both the Apple App Store & Google Play Store! Join us in this incredible event, celebrating the release of Shiba Eternity, and remember to download Shiba Eternity! Use Hashtags #ShibArmy & #OCT622 to spread the word for #ShibaEternityDownloadDay”

One of the biggest news events from this announcement are that the contest winner of the 5000USD in SHIB will be announced as well as Shytoshi Kusama wanting to explain how this will benefit the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. This is an announcement that is going to be very exciting for the Shib Holders as they have been eagerly awaiting such an announcement from the lead developer.


Shytoshi said in a tweet “I’m excited. Been playing #ShibaEternity for a while now and absolutely love it. Won some games and lost some to amazing Shibians worldwide. I can’t wait to see you all in the Dogjo. On Oct 1, I will release all the lore and plans for the game. #Soon Woof!”

So the excitement about the Shib Eternity game continues as it has been trending on Social Media and is in breakout mode on search engines like Google. As you can see in the below chart this game is going to have an epic download day. The only question is will it break records around the world?

Shiba Eternity Game