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Shib Army News: The World Is Blown Away By The Shiba Eternity Game As It Ranks 1



Shiba Eternity Game
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We have seen the Shib Army excited about things before but quite honestly the enthusiasm about the Shiba Eternity game is beyond anything we could have expected. We are seeing so many people across Social Media talk about all of their new Shiboshis in the game, their favorite cards, what different traits can do with individual cards, and more. There have been tens of thousands of tweets on twitter as Shiba Eternity fever seems to have taken over. We asked members their opinion and here are some of the replies.


Shiba Moon Shop was an early Beta Tester and he said “Put it simply the game is AMAZING  Gameplay, graphics, technique..are all extremely well rounded in #ShibaEternity The greatest feature of the game IMHO is the connectivity the game brings to and within the community. I can’t wait to play more games with everyone”

“Hey! THE GAME is so addictive. Graphics are the graphics are impressive and fluid. I really love it !”
“Amazing graphics and design!! Really enjoyed the narrator taking you through your first game. There’s a lot to learn and then you can evolve into a winning strategy learning is always good. Fun, challenging, adventurous, leaves u wanting more”

This truly is an amazing game. @PlaysideStudios have really done a great job with all the graphics and the gameplay. Great community game for all ages! Proud to be part of history!@imfungihunter gives it 5 Mushrooms. “
People are loving the game and it is currently sitting at the #1 Position in the Apple Store for Card Games and has well over 10,000 Downloads in less than 24 hours on Google Play.
We can only imagine the pride that Shytoshi Kusama, William Volk, the Shiba Inu developers, teams, and Playside Studios must be feeling as they see their project having one of the most successful launches in mobile gaming history. The game was built not only for the Shiba Inu Community, AKA the Shib Army, but for everyone that enjoys mobile games. The gameplay is intense from our own perspective and we can easily see how this can lead to the Shiba Inu brand becoming a household name similar to the way that Angry Birds, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon did. We fully believe that this is just the beginning as we can envision this game following a similar path as these other brands and expanding to its own cartoon, tv show, and even its own movie. All around this seems to be another success for the Shiba Inu Ecosystem and many are looking forward to what they will bring to the world next.