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Shib Army News: Shiba Eternity Guide Live and So Is NEW Surprise NFT Collection



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So the announcement came from Lead Shiba Inu Developer Shytoshi Kusama that after much work, and utter exhaustion, the Shiba Eternity guide is finished along with a surprise for the Shib Army, a new Shiba Eternity NFT Collection.


We all know that the DEVS have been hard at work but it stood out with the first line of Shytoshis Medium “First apologies for the one day delay. Last night I passed out from exhaustion. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Let’s talk about the best card game in the world!”

A bit of exciting news is now we know that over a quarter million people have downloaded the Shiba Eternity Game. This is a huge accomplishment as they were able to eliminate over 100 bugs that were addressed in the update. Shytoshi went on to thank Playside, the Shib Team, Beta Testers, and William Volk for all their hard work. They are currently working on holding the first in-person Game Tournament.


The document for the game, which is being dubbed a living document, explains the game but also explains the lore in a detailed 1150 page guide that shows the journey of a Shib Recruit taken to the far edges of the universe in the distant future.

You can find the guide at They are also working on updating the wiki fandom page at

The other announcement today was the surprise NFT collection which can be found at  . Cutting Edge AI was used to create the images. The prices range from .001 Eth to 1000 Eth.

One of the most exciting announcements came at the end of Shytoshis Medium in which he said “I will now shift my focus to advertising the game, the blockchain version and Shibarium with Kaal as we are quickly approaching the Beta launch.”