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Shib Army News: Shibarium Intake Form A Massive Success As Onboarding Begins



Shibarium Intake Form
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Over the weekend, the primary lead of the Shiba Inu (SHIB) community posted on Twitter to explain why the Shibarium intake form was necessary and how it would unite so many projects going forward.


Shytoshi released a new blog and then the intake form that can be found on the new ShibariumTech website. He explained that every one that is interested in contributing to Shib has the opportunity to now do so. In the blog, he said that the system welcomes individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Many of these people are eager to collaborate with Shiba Inu on projects related to Web3, Web4, Metaverse, Shiba Eternity, and other areas of the ecosystem.

Through the new intake system, they aim to foster a strong sense of community. It will allow them to identify the most promising projects and connect creators with others who can provide support and assistance. By staying organized, they said they can effectively engage with the multitude of people interested in Shibarium, establish productive relationships with professional companies, and rekindle ties with businesses we’ve worked with in the past. They also said that the new system will help Shiba Inu to identify the most suitable validators for the Shibarium platform.

In order to get an idea of how many people were filling out the form we took a survey in which we were able to ask the community how many people submitted the form so far. 1417 people voted and of those 632 people had already completed the form. This is impressive as the poll was taken just one day after the launch of the portal. The success of the portal is very apparent as Shibarium Beta is getting ready to launch.


To apply, crypto enthusiasts must choose to collaborate with Shibarium and select from six options, including opportunities in Web3 and Web4, business presence building, network validation, working with the SHIB Token team, content creation, social influence, and other coding and creative activities.

Today Shytoshi Kusama tweeted out WOOF! as the Voxel X Network announced they support decentralized Shibarium as they tweeted “Proud to announce that @VoxelXNetwork is fully supporting @shytoshikusama‘s vision for a decentralized #Shibarium that welcomes all projects Excited to see the #crypto community grow & thrive together Voxel X will actively promote #Shibarium with our 75+ strong listed partners”

Many people already knew that once things started to roll out for Shibarium that many projects would be excited to work with Shiba Inu but the overwhelming amount of those that are already participating in the intake shows just how powerful Shibarium will truly be.