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Shib Army News: Shibarium L2 Mainnet Launch Approaches As Exciting Updates Revealed by Unification



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Exciting news is coming from the world of blockchain as we get closer to the highly anticipated launch of Shibarium L2 mainnet. In a recent update shared through Unification’s medium, we received some valuable information about the progress being made toward this significant milestone. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights: the deployment of VOR and OoO on the Shibarium test network.


Deployment of VOR and OoO on Shibarium Testnet

The talented development teams at Shiba Inu & Unification have been hard at work, and according to the information released, they have started deploying the VOR and OoO protocols on the Shibarium test network. This is an essential step forward for Shibarium, as it shows that things are progressing well. As part of the process, they have successfully deployed the FUND Test token on the test network. They have also achieved a seamless transfer of ×FUND test tokens between the Goerli (Layer 1) and Shibarium (Layer 2) networks, thanks to the bridging capability they have developed.

Next Steps and Oracle Applications


With the deployment underway, the next important stages are on the horizon. The team will soon deploy the 000 and VOR Router smart contracts on the Shibarium L2 network. These contracts are crucial because they enable the creation of Oracle applications that will handle data requests within the Shibarium network. We can expect more details about these developments to be shared through official channels soon.

Bone: The Gas Token for Shibarium

To ensure smooth and cost-effective transactions within the Shibarium network, Bone (BONE) is the designated gas token for the L2. Think of gas tokens as the fuel that keeps blockchain networks running smoothly. By using Bone as the gas token for Shibarium, users can enjoy a streamlined experience with lower costs of up to 90% compared to the overpriced gas fees many have encountered over the last few months.

Expansion of Token Deployment and Bridging

As Shibarium continues to grow, more tokens will be added to the network. This means that we can expect a variety of projects and assets to become part of the Shibarium ecosystem. This expansion will not only enhance the usability of Shibarium but also contribute to its overall development and popularity. If you are interested in reading the entire medium from Unification you can do so HERE