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Shib Army News: Shytoshi Kusama Just Confirmed SHIBARIUM Beta is Next Week?



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Many have been speculating as to the exact time that SHIBARIUM would be announced but now it seems to be confirmed by Shytoshi Kusma himself.


Rumors were flying around this morning ever since youtube influencer YourPop sent out a message that SHIBARIUM Beta will be live as of next week. Your Pop Tweeted out “To the #SHIB community, Shytoshi just stated that the #Shibarium beta should be live next week!!!!! Kaal is back in action!!!!!!!!!!!!  #shiba #SHIBARMY

Initially, information was not confirmed by any official sources but there was a follow-up message as a reply to a tweet by long-term Shib Army Member Dezaxe in which Shytoshi said: “Wen he is right you owe him an apology.”


Prior to this many only looked to official channels for announcements but there seems to be a change in this structure as the confirmation comes from Shytoshi in which Yourpop said that he is part of a group in which the announcement comes from Shytoshi and Kaal. If you remember it is Kaal that has been working on the development of Shibarium in coordination with Unification.

This news comes at a perfect time as we are less than a month away from SXSW and Shib The Metaverse. The question now is if SHibarium Beta is launched next week how long before projects are ready and available to use the BETA and how long before the official MainNet is actually launched?