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Shib Army News: Welly Friends – A Year of Growth, Reflection, and Exciting New Ventures



Welly Friends
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It has been an eventful year since the inception of Welly Friends, the beloved fast-food brand that has brought joy and unity to our lives. As they mark this milestone, it is a time for reflection on the journey, the changes, and the exciting new developments that lie ahead. With a maturing vision and a dedicated community, Welly Friends has set its sights on becoming an internationally renowned brand with a strong presence in the restaurant industry.


Below is a summary of their new medium which you can find in the tweet in the article:

Building a Strong Foundation: In the early days, Welly Friends had grand aspirations of becoming a global fast-food sensation. However, the team soon realized that their existing structure was not yet ready to support such an ambitious venture. Recognizing the need for a solid foundation, they made the difficult decision to halt expansion plans and reassess their approach. The first store, which no longer aligned with the vision of key community members, underwent a period of introspection.


Restaurant Development and Community Engagement: Over the course of the year, Welly Friends invested time and effort into studying and developing the best designs and brand identity. They actively involved the community through the Welly DAO, allowing holders to propose ideas and collectively choose the most promising concepts. With the guidance of professional teams, the selected ideas were brought to life, staying true to the guidelines set by the holders.

Enhancing the Welly Experience: In an innovative move, Welly Friends has established a connection between each store and their community through a dedicated channel on Discord. This allows community members, especially holders, to access daily store statistics and actively engage with one another. It provides a platform for valuable advice and interactions, fostering a sense of unity and shared growth.

Upcoming Store Openings: Welly Friends is thrilled to announce the reopening of their store in Naples. The decision to revamp this particular location was driven by the overwhelming love and support from the community. Renovation work is already underway, focusing on refurbishing the kitchen and storefront. With the vision of Masquespacio, a renowned design firm, the newly designed store will pay homage to the brand’s history. Additionally, Welly Friends plans to introduce take-away stores to cater to customers seeking a more relaxed dining experience.

The First Franchise Agreement: In a significant milestone, Welly Friends has officially closed their first franchise agreement with partners from Reggio Emilia. Enrico and Federico, the visionary entrepreneurs behind this partnership, were among the first to believe in the brand’s potential. Witnessing the project firsthand, meeting the team, and embracing the vision, they signed a rental contract for their store in the center of Reggio Emilia. Collaborating with Masquespacio, the layout for their store is currently being finalized, creating a captivating representation of the Welly Friends brand.

Elevating the Brand and New Professionals: To compete with industry giants, Welly Friends recognized the need to transform into a truly appetizing brand. They embarked on an extensive search for professionals, ensuring they had the best talent in each sector. The team successfully onboarded renowned experts, including design firm Masquespacio, esteemed graphic design professors Biagio di Stefano and Antonio Imparato, and senior 3D designer Antonio Mele. Flynn McGarry, a well-known name in the culinary world, joined as an advisor to help create a menu that appeals to an international audience.