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Shibarium Project News – Koyo A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Starts With One Single Step



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The Koyo Way is a belief system embraced by the KoyArmy, a group dedicated to achieving greatness through unity and unwavering commitment.


Understanding the Core Tenets: Unity and Belief
Central to the Koyo Way is the notion that coincidences do not exist and that unity is essential for realizing greatness. The KoyArmy emphasizes the Koyo Promise, a commitment that requires no reminders, as a guiding principle. They strive to maintain contentment amidst emotional fluctuations, remaining steadfast in their belief in the Koyo Way.

Seeking Leadership and Consistency
The KoyArmy eagerly awaits the emergence of leaders who are ready to embrace greatness. They emphasize the importance of consistency and determination in achieving their goals. Drawing inspiration from their forefathers, the KoyArmy aspires to forge a community united by a shared vision and ambition. They understand that momentum is not solely based on luck but on sincere efforts and the appreciation of their value.

Introducing the Koyo Perpetual Trading & Financial Services Platform
The Koyo platform aims to revolutionize traditional banking by offering decentralized financial services. Unlike the fractional reserve banking system, which relies on leveraging customer deposits, Koyo ensures a transparent 1:1 asset ratio, giving users full control over their finances.


Exploring Lending & Borrowing in the Crypto Space
Koyo introduces crypto lending, a process where users deposit cryptocurrency and earn regular interest payments. Unlike traditional banking, the funds remain on the blockchain, providing transparency and ownership. Crypto loans are also available, allowing users to borrow cash or additional cryptocurrency by providing collateral in the form of crypto assets.

Empowering the Community with Self-Managed Venture Capital
Koyo envisions a self-managed venture capital automated fund exclusively for the community. This platform prioritizes security and implements automated processes for listing proposals. Features such as liquidity support for projects, current liquidity provider rewards, and bootstrapping liquidity aim to empower projects within the community.

Community-Driven CEX Listings and Expansion
CEX listings on Koyo will depend on the efforts and involvement of the community. The platform has secured listings on a top-ranked CEX and has received approvals from multiple other exchanges. The engagement and activity of the community are pivotal in attracting further listings from prominent exchanges.

Shib Burns
It is noteworthy to mention that Koyo recently made a significant move in its burning activities following a temporary pause that lasted for nearly two months. On April 14th, in a single transaction, Koyo permanently removed a staggering 1,494,278,561 (1.49B) SHIB from circulation, further solidifying its commitment to reducing supply. With this latest burn, the project has now eliminated a total of 8,909,512,702 (8.90B) SHIB in total.

Embracing the Journey Ahead
The Koyo Way is characterized by internal conviction, unwavering belief, and unquestionable faith. The KoyArmy invites individuals to join their journey, acknowledging that even the longest of journeys begins with a single step. The Koyo platform prepares to launch the Shibarium Mainnet, aspiring to become a leading example in the industry. With a focus on transforming financial services and empowering the community, Koyo aims to leave a lasting impact and shape the landscape of decentralized finance.

In our inquiry to the Koyo community about their project, they gave us many answers as to why they believe in the project but here is a summary of them. Foremost, the remarkable strength of the community becomes immediately apparent. Described as a remarkable collective, the KoyArmy has organically formed without any reliance on paid influencers or underhanded incentives. This vibrant community exudes loyalty, love, and patience, exemplifying the core principles of the Koyo Way.

Furthermore, the connection between Koyo and the esteemed Shiba Inu community plays a pivotal role in fostering belief among its members. The support extended by Shiba OGs and the sense of brotherhood are prevalent within the project are highly cherished by community participants.

Positioned as a financial stronghold within Shibarium, akin to the symbiotic relationship between Binance and BNB, the Koyo platform aspires to establish itself as an indispensable and robust financial ecosystem within the Shibarium network.

Personal experiences and individual discoveries have profoundly influenced the conviction of community members in Koyo. Many have been drawn to the project by personal challenges or an indelible sense of resonance. Their pride in being part of the KoyArmy is further demonstrated by their active recruitment of friends and acquaintances.

Prominent themes echoed in the community’s responses include the significance of unity, respect, and empathy within the collective. Additionally, the commitment to token burn holds substantial importance, with Koyo garnering recognition as one of the leading projects in this regard.

The integrity and diligent efforts of the Koyo team are often highlighted by community members, acknowledging the project’s potential and its underappreciated status within the market. The concept behind Koyo is widely regarded as exceptional, with a shared belief that it possesses the capacity to bestow financial liberation upon all who engage with it.

From what we see Koyo has the potential of being a successful project with its strong community. As with any project DYOR and only time will tell.