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Shib Army News: Welly Friends Ventures Further into the World of Blockchain at ETh Toronto



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The Shib Army is buzzing with excitement as the esteemed team @wellyfriends takes momentous strides towards the launch of their updated Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) concept – #Welly. Adding to the fervor, Welly Friends proudly introduces their first franchise owners, Federico and Enrico, setting the stage for the brand’s expansion.


In the world of QSRs, the coexistence of corporate and franchise-owned stores is a well-established strategy for global growth. Inspired by industry giants, Welly Friends envisions leveraging blockchain technology for logistics, a pioneering move that highlights their commitment to embracing innovation in the industry.

Welly Friends’ entry into the realm of franchising showcases its dedication to cultivating a strong brand community. By involving its loyal followers, collectively known as the #WellyFamily, in the decision-making process through the Welly DAO, the brand emphasizes a collaborative connection with its supporters.


Presenting the Vision at ETh Toronto
Welly Friends’ forward-looking approach will be prominently on display during the highly anticipated ETh Toronto event, renowned for its gathering of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, developers, and industry leaders from around the globe. At this momentous event, Welly Friends has a unique opportunity to showcase their innovative blockchain integration, setting them apart as pioneers in the fast-food industry.

The adoption of blockchain technology for supply chain management underscores Welly Friends’ commitment to transparency, efficiency, and reliability. By embracing this technology, the brand positions itself as a visionary in the market, ready to adapt to the evolving demands of its customer base.

Forging Valuable Collaborations and Community Engagement
In addition to displaying their blockchain integration, Welly Friends’ presence at ETh Toronto alongside their partners from @Shibtoken opens doors to potential collaborations within the cryptocurrency domain. Such partnerships can foster joint marketing initiatives and increase brand visibility in the competitive market.

Moreover, the event serves as an opportunity for Welly Friends to directly engage with their loyal community members and supporters. Building stronger connections with the audience in person bolsters brand loyalty and provides invaluable feedback to further refine their offerings.

As the journey unfolds, Welly Friends stands at a pivotal turning point. Upcoming months hold immense significance as the brand’s dedicated efforts culminate in the realization of its vision. From the carefully curated restaurant designs to the beloved Welly animated characters, the toys, merchandise, the new website, and the vlog documenting their progress – Welly Friends is poised for a transformative phase.

With the support of the #ShibArmy, talented professionals, and passionate partners, Welly Friends sets out to establish itself as an internationally recognized fast-food brand with a global footprint. Their participation at ETh Toronto exemplifies their commitment to innovation and readiness to seize the opportunities that lie ahead in the dynamic worlds of (Healthier) fast food and blockchain technology.