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Shiba Army News: Community Project Shib Coop Helping Others To Understand Shib The Metaverse



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Get ready to enter the exciting world of ShibTheMetaverse with the Shib CoOp – a community project that aims to serve individuals, groups, and businesses interested in becoming a part of ShibTheMV. What started out as a group of enthusiastic ShibArmy maxis eagerly anticipating the initial land sale for the next Big Thing in April 2022 in Shib: TheMetaverse quickly morphed into a “new” project that has been making waves in social media channels over the past few weeks.


The Shib CoOp is a decentralized organization that provides a full spectrum of metaverse services to current and prospective landowners. Their main objective is to join hands with investors, dreamers, and developers to help turn dreams into reality. With #WeNotMe as their motto, they focus on collaboration and community-building to create a thriving ShibTheMV ecosystem.

So how did the project start? A group of believers in the potential of Shib’s Metaverse decided to strategically purchase plots next to each other with the intention of collaborating to build a project. After the sale, they started meeting regularly and put together a Core Team of business owners, coders, project managers, graphic designers, and social media marketers who could fulfill all the needs of successfully building a project.


The Shib CoOp‘s initial product rollout is called PLOT (Potential Land Optimization Tool), a much-needed land searching platform that simplifies finding metaverse land for prospective landowners. Using this tool, potential landowners can utilize various filters to find the best land available to build their projects. Every Shib Yard is assigned a unique PLOT Score based on an algorithmic scoring system that uses multiple objective and measurable data points.

With all MV lands currently owned by CoOp members, they have over 350 lands collectively and are considered one of the largest whales in ShibTheMV. The Shib CoOp believes in everything Shib-related, follows Ryoshi’s vision, loves and promotes the positive energy of the ShibArmy, and enthusiastically supports the Shib Dev team to help bring mass adoption of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem to the world.

If you’re interested in joining the project, you’ll become an important member of the CoOp family. Whether you want to build an art gallery, an educational platform, or just a place to “live” in the metaverse, the Shib CoOp will be able to help. They have a Land Acquisition Form and a Project Planning Form available to help you identify what lands would best suit your needs and find the perfect place to call home in ShibTheMV.

The Shib CoOp’s Core Team is made up of members proficient in Architecture/UI/UX Development, PR & Linguistics, Social Media Management, Finance, Project Management, Business Consulting, Graphics & Art Design. The team is focused on collaboration efforts from the entire community with unity and willingness to help others as the roots of the family tree.

Join The Shib CoOp Discord and start using the PLOT tool to enter the exciting world of ShibTheMetaverse. Let’s work together, sell out ShibTheMetaverse, and use the Shib Developers tools to create the greatest metaverse possible!