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Shib Army News: Clash Of The Titans As Shiboshis – Welly Friends – Shiba Eternity Hold a Space Hosted by LucieShib



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The Shiboshis, Welly, and Shiba Eternity communities have planned a biweekly space event that will first take place this Tuesday. This space is going to be exciting as it will showcase these giants together.


Starting on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:00 PM PST / 9:00 PM EST , the event will be co-hosted by Shibarium and NoOne, with a number of speakers lined up. These include members of the Welly team, Crypto Queen for the Welly community, Mewns as Shiboshi artist, and Shiba Eternity’s Maz and Immortal Dante. There are also speculations of a possible surprise guest showing up. We shall see.

The general message and theme of the event are about bringing the three massive communities together. The plan is to give each brand around 15 minutes to provide updates, followed by a possible Q&A session with trusted community members.


ShibLucie acknowledges that it may take longer than 15 minutes for each section, but the aim is to keep the event concise. The order of the sections will be Welly, Shiboshis, Shiba Eternity, and a potential Q&A.

This is also LucieSHIBS’ first space in 14 months, making it a particularly exciting event. The hope is that it will become a regular occurrence. Lucie invites any comments, concerns, or suggestions from the community.

Overall, the space promises to be a great opportunity as it brings together these three titans in the Shib community. The outcry from the Shib Army is that of unity and with each day that goes by we see it more and more. This is just the beginning of what the Shib Ecosystem and the Shib Army are going to do to show a united front. So many plans are in the works and these bi-weekly events are sure to excite the masses.