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Shiba Inu Breaking News: Shiba Eternity Game Day Download October 1st plus 5000USD in SHIB To One Winner



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The Shiba Eternity Spaces was very informative for the Shib Army where we were able to hear from William Volk, Shib Queenie, Arch Angel, Beta Testers, and Shytoshi Kusama through Shib Queenie.


So what exactly is Shiba Eternity? It is a collectible Card game that was being compared in similarities to  Hearthstone, Magic The Gathering, and Yu-Gi-Oh! People that had played the game were more than excited about the gameplay. This was the main vision of Shytoshi to have a game that could be played and also be enjoyable, which is why it was not rushed. Last October the Shib Team made a promise to have the game within 1 year and the promise has now been kept as the official download day will be October 1st 2022.

We also learned that the game has a mind-blowing 500+ cards with thousands of traits utilizing the Shiboshis. For those that do not how to play games like this, there are great tutorials to learn.  The average playtime per player is 59 minutes a day with a 4.9 Rating on IOS being the highest rating for any card game. They made it very clear that this is not a play-to-win game like so many on the market. You can do just as well competing with your base deck without having to buy any of the upgrades. This stood out to us as it gives everyone the ability to play and win no matter how much or little money they have. This keeps with the Spirit of Shiba Inu and the VIsion of Ryoshi.

Another feature of that may excite people is the fact that the game WILL BE BURNING SHIB! To get a better understanding of how 5% could burn massive amounts of $SHIB we can see the tweet that #SHIBARMY member DEZ put out in which he states”@ShytoshiKusama mentioned that 5% of Shiba Eternity revenue will be used to burn #SHIB I leave you some statistics below to give you an idea Important to know that game burns are extra, the real oven will be #SHIBARIUM which will burn with each transaction.”


So not only is the game going to have massive burns due to revenue generation but looking ahead at SHIBARIUM we can see the plan is all starting to come together. One other great thing that was announced tonight was that there will be a contest held for those making an intro trailer for the Shiba Eternity game with a prize of $5000.00 in Shiba Inu Tokens to the winner of the best trailer. The trailer will be used as the official trailer for the game. Even without the 5000.00 prize, this is exciting for many in the Shb Army.

So are you ready for download day? Mark your calendars because that is less than 10 days away on October 1st