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Shibarium Project News: Poll Results – Which Shibarium Projects Will Dominate the L2 Launch?



Shibarium L2
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

In a recent poll conducted among the passionate SHIB Army, participants were asked to voice their opinions on the projects building on the upcoming Shibarium Layer 2 network. The poll sought to determine which projects would experience the greatest success upon the L2 launch. Let’s delve into the details and explore the distinct characteristics of each project, as well as their corresponding vote counts:


Magic Shiba Starter (MSHIB) – 398 votes (33.7%)
Magic Shiba Starter, making its debut in the poll, defied expectations by securing the highest number of votes. This newcomer has captivated the community with its commitment to transparency, security, and investor protection. With a fully doxxed team and a legitimate entity status, Magic Shiba Starter has built a solid foundation of trust within the crypto industry. The project’s audited contract, strategic launch approach, and plans for transitioning to the Shibarium network have resonated strongly with voters.

PawZone (PAW) – 360 votes (30.4%)
PawZone emerged as a strong contender in the poll, receiving substantial support from the community with its 360 votes. Known for its vibrant ecosystem, PawZone offers a range of services including the popular NFT marketplace PawZaar and seamless integration with Shibarium. The project’s diverse offerings and the community’s confidence in its ability to drive growth and adoption within the SHIB community contributed to its impressive vote count.


Koyo Token – 228 votes (19.2%)
Koyo Token secured a respectable number of votes, capturing the attention of voters with its unique proposition. The project’s innovative features and value proposition garnered support from the community, reflecting their belief in Koyo Token’s potential for success within the Shibarium ecosystem. While receiving fewer votes compared to the top two contenders, Koyo Token’s presence in the poll demonstrates its relevance and appeal among the SHIB Army.

NFA Labs (NFAi) – 198 votes (16.7%)
NFA Labs, represented by their AI tech Athena, Hecate, and Canis received a notable number of votes, showcasing the community’s recognition of the project’s potential. With Athena’s advanced neural net technology and the project’s commitment to transparency, NFA Labs has positioned itself as an innovative player within the Shibarium ecosystem. While securing fewer votes compared to other contenders, NFA Labs’ contribution to the poll highlights its unique characteristics and value proposition.

The poll results shed light on the sentiments and preferences of the SHIB community regarding the growth potential of Shibarium projects. Magic Shiba Starter’s surprising triumph, followed closely by PawZone, Koyo Token, and NFA Labs, underscores the community’s anticipation for these projects’ success on the L2 launch. As the community eagerly awaits the Shibarium network’s debut, the collective efforts of these projects, alongside the unwavering support from the SHIB Army, will shape the trajectory of growth and drive innovation within the decentralized finance landscape.

With each project attracting significant votes, it is clear that the SHIB community remains actively engaged and invested in the future of Shibarium. The poll results serve as a testament to the community’s enthusiasm and anticipation for the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.