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Shibarium Project News: Shibacals X HEEL – Cutting-Edge 3D HEEL Characters To Be Unveiled at ETH Toronto



Shibacals Heel
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

HEEL, a decentralized Web3 brand known for its original characters, content, and dApps, is taking a significant leap forward in its mission to revolutionize the digital world. In a highly anticipated move, SHIBACALS will now be creating 3D prototypes HEEL characters, Young Ryoshi and Shiba. SHIBACALS is the official In-Real-Life component of the Shiba Inu Ecosystem. HEEL will be represented by SHIBACALS at the upcoming ETH Toronto event with a custom 18-inch prototype of the HEEL Characters.


But that’s not all—HEEL has more exciting news in store. Alongside the 18-inch showcase prototype, SHIBACALS will also be creating a smaller batch supply of 6-inch HEEL figurines. This smaller version will pave the way for an exclusive line of HEEL 3D Collectibles, which will be made available exclusively to HEEL Token/NFT holders. These figurines will all contain NFC Authentication Tags. NFC chips by SHIBACALS pave the way to post-purchase delights like VIP access or surprise coupons. They help to bridge the gap between physical and digital assets. This line of collectibles marks the first official HEEL product line and offers a unique opportunity for HEEL enthusiasts to own a piece of this innovative brand.

HEEL’s commitment to originality and creativity is at the core of its brand ethos. They understand the importance of depicting the origin stories of characters like Ryoshi and Shiba through high-quality visualizations and timeless original art. While the crypto world may be familiar with SHIB, many are not acquainted with the story of Ryoshi and how it shaped SHIB’s journey to becoming a decentralized powerhouse. By putting a face to the name and creating captivating visual representations, HEEL adds emotional value and cultivates the intellectual property associated with the Shiba story.


In another exciting development, the HEEL team has acquired a premium plot of SHIB Metaverse land. Located in the Growth district, this highly sought-after ‘Diamond Teeth’ tier Shib Yard land plot will serve as the perfect platform for building the HEEL brand within the official SHIB Metaverse. HEEL envisions hosting Good Dog art exhibits, replicating the Good Dog House, establishing a Metaverse doggie daycare, and hosting a variety of engaging events. By integrating the HEEL brand within the Shib Yard, HEEL aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership that amplifies the brand and adds value to the entire SHIB ecosystem.

The Good Dog House Staking dApp developed by the HEEL team is another testament to their dedication to innovation. This fully functioning dApp allows for NFT/token staking and features an adaptable and upgradeable smart contract. The Good Dog Collective has plans to integrate their favorite tokens, such as SHIB, BONE, LEASH, and Shiboshis, into the Good Dog House, ensuring endless possibilities for incorporating these tokens and fostering a sense of community and heritage.

By leveraging the intellectual property of HEEL’s original characters, they aim to bring the SHIB brand to a younger demographic. Through animated short series, children’s books, 3D collectibles, merchandise, and educational videos, HEEL creates an immersive experience for children, fostering emotional connections and building brand loyalty.

HEEL’s announcement of the 3D prototypes of Young Ryoshi and Shiba, as well as the expansion of the HEEL product line, marks an exciting chapter for the brand. Their commitment to originality, innovation, and the integration of physical and digital realms showcases HEEL’s dedication to pushing boundaries. Through their captivating characters and engaging products, HEEL aims to leave a lasting impression on the crypto community, especially the younger demographic, while upholding the vision and integrity of their ancestors.