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The SHIBARIUM Project Weekly Poll Results: A Snapshot of Shib Army’s Favorite Projects



Shibarium News
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

October has dawned, bringing with it heightened excitement around Shibarium Layer 2 (L2). With a total of 746 votes cast, the SHIBARMY weighed in on which projects are radiating the most promise as they integrate with the Shibarium L2. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the results:

  1. $PAW PawZone – Leading the pack with 260 votes (34.9%), PawZone’s rise can be attributed to its ambitious NFT marketplace, Pawzaar. Not just another marketplace, Pawzaar’s aim is loftier, desiring to be the ultimate platform on the Shibarium network. Designed by and for the ShibArmy, its ethos of community-driven development and its potential integration as the official marketplace within an upcoming metaverse have clearly resonated with voters.
  2. $SHARBI – Securing 218 votes (29.2%), $SHARBI’s substantial backing signals its significance within the community. Even though specific details about this project weren’t provided in the initial brief, this level of support suggests that it holds considerable promise in the evolving L2 landscape. Shibarium University by Sharbi is becoming a big hit among the Shib Army.
  3. $MSWAP MarSwap – Earning 138 votes (18.5%), Marswap’s promise as a next-gen DeFi platform on Shibarium’s L2 has made it a favorite among the SHIBARMY. Promising lightning-speed trades and reduced fees, Marswap brings versatility to the table. Features like limit orders, stop losses, margin trading, liquidity pools, and a SHIB burning mechanism emphasize its commitment to both innovation and community engagement.
  4. $NFAi NFA LABS – Attracting 130 votes (17.4%), NFA LABS‘s proposition is pivotal in these transformative times. Advocating for self-regulation in crypto, its mission is both defensive and forward-looking. The recent alliance with industry titan @Carjohn0 further boosts its credibility, as it aspires to preserve the decentralized ethos of crypto while navigating external pressures.

As the Shibarium L2 ecosystem flourishes, it’s evident that an array of projects are leveraging its features, each standing out with unique offerings and vision. The SHIBARMY, with its active participation and discerning choices, underscores its commitment to and excitement about the future of projects building on the Shibarium canvas. The coming months promise a whirlwind of innovation, and with the community’s backing, the sky is the limit for these projects.