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Shib Army News: Behind the Pixels – The Passion and Purpose of The Shib Dream Collection



Shib Dream NFT Collection
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

As I watched the launches of NFT projects over the last couple of years, my journey with the Shib Dream NFT Collection has been nothing short of a whirlwind of passion, innovation, and dreams. Today, I’m thrilled to pull back the curtain and offer you an intimate look into the heart of this adventure.


The Contest That Holds a Piece of My Heart
As we come closer to the Shib Dream NFT Collection’s debut on PawZaar as the first launch, I knew that I wanted to engage the community in a way that would make them part of this.

I was inspired by the review from #SHIBARIUM University, so I’ve created a contest that invites you to share in my excitement. It’s not just about winning a piece of the $5000 token prize pool if the collection sells out in less than 24 hours, but about coming together, connecting, and sharing in this journey with me.


Embracing the Praise from Shibarium University
Reading Shibarium University‘s review of the collection was a heartwarming experience. Their words painted my vision beautifully — emphasizing the collection’s honor of being the first on the PawZaar platform and the diverse utilities it brings.

What I Anticipate for PawZaar: More Than Just a Marketplace
After seeing the success of the Shib and hearing about Shibarium over 2 years ago, my support for PawZaar was clear. I wanted to help a space for the ShibArmy—a platform where unmatched functionality and community-oriented features would come alive, and JD seemed to bring that vision to life. And with the Shib Dream NFT Collection poised to be its debut offering, I believe the bar is set high.

Shib Dream Collection: Every Pixel Tells a Story

Every aspect of this collection resonates with a story or a personal experience:

Community at the Core: I’ve always believed in the power of unity. I also have always believed in the Shib Army. This is why each NFT is hand-drawn with features from not only the SHib experience but also from those members that I have met along the way. Members who are so much more than just SHIB but a community of people who each have talents and professions that have helped SHib to grow.

The reward structure intricately weaves engagement with financial incentives. Upon the minting of all 3333 NFTs, I can’t wait for the joyous moments when some lucky holders share rewards valued over $15,000 in tokens like $SHIB, $BONE, and $LEASH but also 250.00 for 5 holders in $NFAi, $PAW, $SHARBI, $MSWAP and $SWYPE.

A Cause Close to My Heart: The collection’s philanthropic soul is personal. Once all are minted pledging a minimum of $10,000 each to @StJude and @WCKitchen, $5,000 to @LADS_STFT, and committing to a token burn of $10,000 showcases our deep commitment to societal and ecosystem betterment.

Glimpses of a World I Envision: Shib Dream City
The NFTs from this collection are more than art, they’re gateways. They open doors to the world of the Shib Dream City within Shib The Metaverse—a place where my wildest imaginations come alive. I’ve poured my heart into planning a universe where virtuality meets reality, offering holders an experience like no other. I can’t go into all the details but there is so much I have planned for the future.

Having the collection showcased by ShibaCals at ETH Toronto was a dream come true—a testament to the broader vision we’re building together. It was a humbling experience for me and actually brought a tear to my eye when I saw the physical representation of what I envisioned being showcased.

A Promise of Sustainability and Growth
My commitment to the Shib Dream NFT Collection goes beyond the launch. With only 3333 NFTs ever to be minted and an ongoing development plan, I want every holder to not just own a piece of art but to be part of a long-standing legacy.

To You, From Me
Crafting the Shib Dream NFT Collection has been one of the most exhilarating journeys of my life. It’s more than just a project; it’s a representation of my dreams, aspirations, and the shared vision of our community. As we embark on this exciting path, I invite you to join me, not as spectators but as fellow dreamers and co-creators in a movement that’s set to redefine our digital world. I send out a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have supported me through this journey. You are forever appreciated.

You can read more about the collection Here