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SHIBANATOR : Cryptic Messages From Shytoshi Have the Shibarmy Scrambling to Decipher Hidden Messages



So if you have followed Shiba INU you know that Shytoshi Kusama likes to send out messages that are filled with clues. Today, close to the one-year anniversary of becoming the lead developer, Shytoshi sent out a string of messages.

The first messageĀ  begins with “Cinema Time”:


His second message seems to once again talk about taking Shib into all homes and credits @shibainuart and @pb5_five

His Third Message explains how Shiba Inu has very powerful allies that will help SHIBA INU to get the last 1% Done. The fact that he claims that SHIB will grow beyond what anyone expects has the SHIBARMY cheering.

His third message is celebrating with a movie clip. This tweet however is loaded with hash Tags. #popcornready #resistanceisfutile #youaretheresistance #esoteric #nanotechnology #terminator #skynetĀ 

In his final tweet, he added the below movie clip from Terminator 4: SALVATION. This is a crucial scene in the movie in which John Connor says to stand down. Don’t attack. Stand down and give us the time to protect the future we are all fighting for.