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Shib Army News: Shibarium L2 -The Game-Changing Blockchain that’s Fast, Cheap, and Taking the World by Storm!



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

So by now most people have heard about Shibarium Mainnet. One of the best features about the L2 is that it doesn’t cost much to use especially when compared to Ethereum costs at the moment. Honestly, we are talking super low fees here, like 0.64 Gwei low.


Every day, Shibarium Mainnet is like a beehive of activity. Imagine over 4 million transactions happening in just one day. That’s crazy busy, right? It just shows how many people are using Shibarium and how it can handle all that work without any trouble.

Okay now let’s talk about speed of the L2. Shibarium Mainnet gets things done fast, like in about 5.7 seconds fast. That’s almost as quick as it takes to tie your shoe! This means you can complete your transactions super quick, without any waiting around. And trust me, I use Shibarium daily so I know.

If you look at the amount of work the Shibarium Mainnet is doing is huge. So far it’s handled over 1.8 million blocks. Plus the number of transactions is over 4 Million! It’s through the roof! It’s not just about doing a lot of work, it’s about doing it well, and Shibarium is totally nailing it.


But Shibarium isn’t just about numbers. It’s also about people that are using it. Over 1.2 million wallet addresses are using Shibarium, and that number keeps increasing as not only the Shibarmy is paying attention but many on the outside as well. It’s like a whole community of people who are into blockchain and making the most of what Shibarium offers.

I guess the best way to sum it up, Shibarium Mainnet is a big step forward in blockchain. It’s got low fees, can handle a ton of work, is super fast, and has a growing community of users. It’s not just another L2 blockchain. it’s leading the way and showing everyone how it’s done. Keep an eye on Shibarium – it’s going to keep growing and much of it is thanks to the Shib Army!