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‘Dumb Ways To Die’ – SHYTOSHI BEANsama- and Playside Studios!



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At the end of December, Shiba Inu announced its partnership with PlaySide Studios. When the announcement in the year 2000 both companies had signed a contract for work-for-hire contract. The strategic agreement between PlaySide and Shiba was to create an online game that was multiplayer Collectible Card Game that was to be made available on various platforms.


Things continued to progress after the agreement. There were constant developments after that. A few days ago to begin with one of Shiba’s most prominent designers Shytoshi Kusama had a meeting with Shiba Inu’s new gaming director William Volk. PlaySide Studios had tweeted about the same.

Ten hours after the tweet Shiba Inu’s twitter handle claimed,

We are working on some amazing projects #ShibArmy! Woof!


PlaySide Studios, as such is among the largest publicly traded game makers. It is the largest company in Australia and has ties with companies like those from Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros and Nickelodeon.

Latest ‘beany’ development

In order to respect the deal and keep work in progress, ‘BEANSNFT’s by Dumb Ways to Die’ created and delivered a 1/1 bean in the direction of Syotoshi Kusama. The official statement on Twitter included the following information:

PlaysideStudios is cooperating with the @Shibtoken team! In celebration of this, we have created something very special. We present Shytoshi Beansama, a 1/1 bean that was sent to @ShytoshiKusama!

It was released in November of 2012, Dumb Ways to Die has gained a devoted following across the globe. The title track has soared up the iTunes charts in 28 countries. According to the title on the “Upcoming NFT”, the company has grown from strength to growth with more than 425 million views and 1 million users for YouTube, 1.2 Million followers as well as 6.8 million followers on TikTok more than 6.5 billion gaming sessions as well as 350 million downloaded.

The pre-sale for their novel collection will start in just 13 days, starting 3 February. The site’s details are further pointed out,

We are launching the BEANS The NFT’s Dumb Ways to Die, with an exciting plan of action with an amazing community, and supported by an AAA game studio. we’re excited to share with the world what’s to come.


Recognizing the sweet gesture of the project, Shytoshi Kusama tweeted,

Thank you dear Frens! I am so grateful and grateful being… beamed! . @PlaysideStudios

The lead developer has altered his username on Twitter to Shytoshi “BEANsama” in honor of the same.