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Great Balls Of Fiyah! 46299737536 Shib Have Now Been Sent To The Official Shiba Burn Portal



Shiba Burn Portal
(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

The Shib Burn portal is burning so many Shiba Inu Tokens it is becoming difficult to keep up. It seems like every time we turn around we try to calculate the numbers and by the time we are done writing more Shib have been offered to the flaming pit never to return. In the last hour alone almost 3 Billion Shib have been destroyed.


This of course is great as one of the factors that makes Shib so desirable is the fact it is a deflationary currency. Unlike Fiat currency that is printed and tokens like Luna that can be minted Shib is locked in to burn tokens daily. Today a lot of FUD went around on other news sites claiming that Shiba Inu was just like Luna and the same thing could happen. This is so far from the truth as it is literally IMPOSSIBLE. Shiba Inu can not create tokens.

The fact that this comparison was made on others crypto news websites shows us that they just copy each other’s articles and do not do research. One article actually claimed that over 70% of experts now say that Shiba Inu will collapse. They did not name any sources or experts. They did not show any studies that were done. Nothing Nada Zilch Zip. That is what we saw. That is like us claiming that 70% of Experts say Bitcoin is going to collapse today. Of course this is not true and I doubt anyone would take us seriously anymore if we stated that fiction but there is a point to this. There was a coordinated effort to Fud on Shib because many people fear what Shibarium is going to do. Shibarium, in our opinion, could shoot Shiba Inu into the top 5 cryptos quickly.


So like we tell all of our readers. Read news but always do your own research. That goes for our site or any other. Demand to have the facts, not the FUD.