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Massive Mystery Shib Token Burns Happening All Day. Billions of Tokens Getting burned.



So there is alot of talk about all the burns that are flooding in. Burn after equalling billions of Shiba Inu Tokens. Below are just a few of the Shib Burns that have happened over the last few hours.

Burn 1 of 144,464,184 Shib Tokens

Burn 2 of 278,091,631 $SHIB Tokens

The final tweet from the Shib Burn account is showing that the prior hour alone there have been a total of 2,927,767 $SHIB tokens burned and 1 transaction. #shibarmy

At the current time, no one seems to know who is burning this many tokens although speculations are flying around on this. Could this be another project burning? Could it be from the team? Wherever they are coming from they are highly welcomed by the Shib Army.