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Moon Soon? Shibarium, Meta Lands, SHI Stable Coin, Burn Portals ALL On The Horizon



(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

Nothing but positive news for Shiba Inu coming out of the Shib Dev team. The first announcement was made during an AMA from a member of the growth breed, arch Angel in which he stated that the Shib Burn Portal was now in its final stages of development. Though he did not give an exact date for release his exact quote from the AMA was “I know there’s a lot of asking for burns. We’re in the final stages of building a burn portal.” This is good news at it comes at a time when the Shib Army is clamoring for ways to Burn Shiba since the exit of Steven Cooper from the burn side of the Shib Army.


We had an announcement come from the head Shiba Inu developer, Shytohsi Kusama stated “The #SHIB MV is coming to #SHIBARMY! Lands are becoming available really soon and you can get in early by locking your $LEASH or SHIBOSHIS at (Wonder if you’ll end up near my land?)” Many people were wondering how long it would take for the Lands would be available for others to get into. 



Shibarium, Shibarium, Shibarium. We cannot stress this enough as it is one of the main reasons we feel that Shiba Inu will Moon. Shib Developer Kaal made huge announcements all in one tweet when he said “I promise you, I am working on 1. SHIBARIUM – In Alpha, will move to Beta soon 2. SHI – In development, vote for your favorite collateral 3. SHIBASWAP V2 – New ways to earn 4. MV land sale event-soon 5. Burn portal – Earn rewards 6. Many other projects I can’t disclose” Did you catch it? #1 is that Shibarium is in Alpha phase and will move to Beta SOON! If you don’t yet understand the power that will be in this Layer-2 you should really look into it as it is going to save on Ethereum Gas Fees by up top 95%! This fact alone makes this its own Rocketship that we believe will propel the Cryptocurrency token further past what anyone could imagine.

If you read the tweet above you will also see that SHI, the Shiba Inu Ecosystem coin is officially in development. This is a major development as this coin will be a Stable Coin like USDC /USDT and devs are asking what should be used as collateral to peg this to .01. This very well could be the Shiba Inu Token held in reserve but this information is not yet known. Growth breed member Milkshake also confirmed that SHI is in development.

Though currently, Shiba Inu is down from its all-time high these announcements and projects show us that the future of Shiba Inu is very promising. We look forward to seeing what else the Shib Devs surprise us with and how large the Shib Army can grow.