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Shib Army News: Major Updates as Shib The Metaverse Announcement and Rocket Pond Hub Preview Incoming



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SHIB-The Metaverse has been a much anticipated project for the SHIB community. They will be releasing a blog update to provide details on the current status of the project.


According to the last blog post, the Metaverse team had some changes and made modifications to the project’s roadmap and vision. The team is now fully focused on creating a more immersive experience for users. The team is currently creating and improving new hubs for the Shib Army and the world to enjoy.

One of the most exciting updates is the set of tools that the team has revealed for users. These tools include Object Placement, Terrain Editing, Interactivity, Monetization, and Publishing. This will allow users to create virtual real estate on plots of land. Additionally, users will be able to create their own avatars within the metaverse using the avatar builder.

TIf you want to make sure you are informed about everything that is happening follow the new Twitter account at (@mvshib) where all updates related to the metaverse will be shared. Exciting news as the metaverse team stated that Shib the metaverse is expected to be launched by the end of 2023, with users being able to interact with it by that time.


Excitement for the metaverse project has been further fueled by the recent announcement that Rocket Pond will be revealed soon, with a contest wrapping up shortly thereafter. The team has invited the community to submit MV-related questions for a chance to be answered in the next blog update.

Things are getting exciting as the SHIB The Metaverse project is progressing. The set of tools available to users will allow for greater creativity within the metaverse which is already being noticed by Hollywood and Large companies around the world. The upcoming reveal of Rocket Pond and the ongoing contest is definitely exciting for those in the Shib Army. The team’s dedication to transparency and engagement with the community is commendable, and the future of the SHIB The Metaverse project is looking bright.