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Shib Army News: Marcie Jastrow Spoke At Consensus – Shibarium, Metaverse, Dates and Shytoshi Kusama



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(Disclaimer: The opinion expressed here is not investment advice – it is provided for informational purposes only. Every investment and all trading involves risk, so you should always do your own research prior to making decisions. We do not recommend investing money you cannot afford to lose.)

At the Consensus 2023 event, Marcie Jastrow, one of the advisors for the Shib and Metaverse event, gave a speech about her experience working on the Metaverse project. She talked about how the term “Metaverse” was thrown around by the industry without necessarily having an actual market for it. As an XR professional, she said that she understood the amount of friction that goes into these new technologies, but as she was writing a keynote for AW E on World Building, she began to start laying out what an MV needed. What it needed was a diverse community of people all trying to reach the same goal, whether that be a person in India who wanted to sell rugs to a person, a brand who wanted exposure, or just a place for people to socialize and interact with each other in a more meaningful way than just a 2D traditional social app.


She then spoke about how she received a call from her old friend, Sherry Kuno, who is the other Metaverse advisor for Shib, and asked if she was interested in talking to a brand about building a Metaverse. Sherry’s background is in gaming technology and is quite literally a technical genius. She was on a team in the late nineties that built the first online casino called Worldwide Web Casino. Once Marcie signed the NDA, she started to do her research, downloaded the white paper on Shib, and agreed to meet with the team. She was told they were going to remain anonymous. So she was asked to download the app Telegram and that she would not meet these people face to face. They would text, and she would talk. They discussed the vision, the issues, and the community, and the biggest plus was they wanted a photo real Metaverse, and it had to be delivered.

At Consensus 2023, the Rocket Pond Hub was revealed to a select audience. The Rocket Pond is a very fun hub that was designed as the idea of an abandoned area 51 meets modern-day places for people to throw events, explore, find interesting Easter eggs, hang glide, Jetski, rent boats and so much more. Marice explained that their goal is to launch four hubs to be released to the public by the fourth quarter of this year.

Marcie talked about the revolutionary aspect of working with the three people she had never met in real life. She mentioned that working with the three guys at Shib was better than any CEO she had ever worked with. Shytoshi Kusama, the Shiba Inu lead, is brilliant and has a balance between what is right for the community, and that he has a moral compass and passion that she admires and respects. Like any organization, there are disagreements, but they tend to respect each other enough to allow each to have their say and then move in the most logical direction. She mentioned that what they’re doing with the Shib Brand and decentralization is groundbreaking and the ecosystem they’re building not only burns Shib but gives back to the community every single day.


Shytoshi Kusama did not attend but gave Marcie words to read from him at the Consensus conference about his vision for the Shiba community. Kusama talked about the passion and perseverance of the Shib army, a decentralized force that aims to redistribute the value that is siphoned away from the everyday person. Kusama spoke of the sneak preview of Shib, the metaverse, which is the one novel aspect of the real experiment that grew from nothing and has not taken any outside investment. He also discussed the release of a decentralized Shibarium blockchain alongside their photorealistic, ultra-high-quality metaverse and a myriad of other products that will enhance the lives of humans worldwide.

Kusama emphasized that they were not at this event asking for investments, but rather a way for individuals to do their own research and gain a deeper understanding of the incredible product that Shib the metaverse and the Shib Community is. He noted that the community is made up of amazing individuals who have come together to create semi-centralized companies that burn Shiba and give back to the community. These companies are distributed globally and are the backbone of the Shiba Inu movement. Shytoshi believes that it is through these products and smart hires of high-quality team members that the Shiba community can eat market share and empower the community.

Kusama’s vision for the Shiba community is a decentralized movement to make the world a better place. He encouraged the audience to join the Shiba movement, empowering and inspiring them to build and grow the force of the community. He thanked the audience for being there and hoped they had a great time at Consensus wishing he was there, quietly saying, “Let’s Fucking Go!” Kusama’s speech demonstrated his passion for the Shiba community and his commitment to creating a better world through decentralized initiatives and collective focus.

Marcie talked about being asked to speak at the International Women of Blockchain event and how she asked the Shib community to start uplifting women. Now they have Shib women movement within the Shib community, so attending this event made a lot of sense. She ended by saying that she is proud to be a part of the Shib team, and the community’s passion inspires her every day to do what she does. They are supportive, give her a lot of leeway, and because they see her passion, it fuels their project’s ideas, and they generally want to be a part of what they are building.